[FREE] Legion Square │ Jump Fix [YMAP]

Legion Square - Jump Fix

This MLO Disables the abilitity to GTA Drive and ramp down Into legion from the top. Below you will find a preview of this blockage, Hopefully this helps your Roleplay server to stop all the GTA Drivers!

Download / Information
You can download it Here
Coords - 49.8035, -780.5714, 44.1694, 246.4388

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this is not an MLO , its only a YMAP . just letting you know there is a difference .

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I’ve only just clocked that; I uploaded this file at early hours of the morning… :man_facepalming:

sweet work somehow the map dev for my server found the concrete that matches that if you wanted a tip. Either way love seeing releases cleaning up the broken map!

Go for it!

Would be nice to share that here, pretty sure lots of people would love to fix the entire “jump” in the city for it.

unfortunately i dont have the rights to redistribute everything in that ymap but i can tell you he said he did something along the lines of retexturing a prop like prop_fncconstruc_02a using the cement texture right from the game. The result is pretty good definitely reccomend trying it out!

Well I did understand that the texture is taken from another props or something else right.

But the prop you are mentionning isn’t clearly the same.

Also it’s not about redistributing it’s more about sharing to help people understand this / that imo.

Reach me in dm if you don’t want to make it “public”

You can redistribute everything if you wish, I have no objection to it. I’m not someone who gets all aresy about it

im not holding anything back from u buddy. Im no map dev i just reached out to my map dev to see what he had done i have maps in the area that i paid for that the file is burried in and id have to find which one it is, sorry maybe i shouldnt have mentioned it just thought it would be neato to see someone else do it

If you haven’t found them yet, there are already a couple free release map fix sets with matching textures for varying areas if you want jumps removed from popular areas:

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