[FREE] [YMAP] Legion Road Closure / Simions

Legion Road Closure

Legion road closure is a Road closure just located outside of simions dealership, it includes 2 Largely sized cranes, some dirt, roadblocks, and more!

What’s even better is that the AI’S Do U-Turns instead of trying to drive through the Roadworks, If you are wanting to preview the roadblock. you can view it below!

Download: :arrow_down_small:
You Can Download Here!

To-Do List: :eyes:
Remove the Pedestrian nodes / Paths.


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The npcs don’t like this place.

The last time that I edited this I sorted the Nodes, Unsure what’s happened.

Also mate, stop hating on people. I don’t see any work from you. No need to take your lack of skill out on other Developers.

I’m sorry, I’m hating on anyone? That’s not my intention at all.
Half the comments I made on this sort of maps are meant to be a joking way to explain a problem I see.

I never posted any work, because first, I lack the skills, second, everything I’ve made is just not worth even posting here.

In that case - I do aplogize. But I’ve noticed you’re doing it to quite a lot of people. Too me a came across a bit rude. But if they are not your Intentions then I do apologize.

Not really. I’ve posted a comment on 2, 3 resources at most.

No. I’ll make a longer reply.
I don’t know how you got the idea of me being toxic or rude in any way to a lot of people.
If I don’t have a reason, I don’t tend to be.

Ask Wasabi (had a couple convos with him) or TGIANN (translating their scripts, currently inactive), I’m sure they remember me. Besides these two, I’m also (while inactive) a translator for MoonlightBot, support at VanixMc (their most popular plugin being CustomDrops) and DiscordUtils (not anymore) too.

Once again hi,

I am seeing more issues, such as flying cars, or cars spawning close to the barriers.

Also, I would appreciate if you made the cones not static.