[FREE] Legion Parking - Remove Barrier

This will simply remove the barriers at Legion Parking.
Just copy the folder to your resources and start it in server.cfg

This is not a ymap!

mappatch_legionparking.rar (1.0 KB)

Code is accessible Yes
Lines (approximately) 18
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Already posted.

this is done differently with a ymap and can conflict with pillbox.

Understandable. Also, I believe you have to upload to github for free resources but am not 100%.

i remember that you need a direct download OR github link, no external pages, but im not sure too :smiley:

It doesn’t need to be on Github, just a direct link to a non-monetized source.

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So does this conflict with pillbox like the other ymap does or no?

it shouldnt conflict with anything as its not a ymap :slight_smile: