[FREE] Jim-Mining - QBCore Mining Script

FiveM Custom QBCORE mining script by me from scratch

  • Highly customisable via config.lua
    • Locations are easily changeable/removable
  • Features several ways to get materials
    • Gold Panning - Search specified streams for gold and silver, or trash
    • Mining - Mine to get stones that can be wash or cracked for materials
    • Stone Washing - Wash stone to find rare gems or gold
    • Stone Cracking - Crack open stones to find ores for crafting materials
  • Customisable points for mining, stone cracking and gold panning
    • Add a Location for an ore to the config and it will use this location for both qb-target and a prop
    • Can place them anywhere, doesn’t have to be just one mining location
    • I opted for a drilling animation as opposed to the pickaxe swinging
    • Nicely animated for better immersion
  • NPC’s spawn on the blip locations
    • These locations can also give third eye and select ones have context menus for selling points
  • NPC’s and ore’s Spawn at Mineshaft + Quarry so your players can go to either
  • Features simplistic built in crafting that uses recipes in the config.lua
  • Features Jewel Cutting bench as an attempt to add more than just gold bars and such to sell
    • You can use your gold bars and jewels to craft other items to sell to a Jewellery Buyer

Video Previews

Custom Items & Images


  • Should be easy to understand and add/remove items you want or not


  • qb-core
  • qb-menu
  • qb-target

FREE - GitHub Link

| Code is accessible    | YES |
| Subscription-based    | No |
| Lines (approximately) | 1000-1200 |
| Requirements          | qb-core, qb-menu, qb-target |
| Support               | Yes |

Put the tag FREE, nice script


amazing release shocked you went with free!


Me too lol, but I’ve looked at it for so long I just want to see others use it <3


Good idea, not sure why I didn’t lol

Excuse the amount of edits D: I have OCD with my presentation lol
That and a few links were broken

put in the name that this script is for qb

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Not Bad!

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I can’t edit the name of the topic :frowning: I realised after I posted it

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oh ok :slight_smile:

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Nice release brother! keep it up! can u share what eye target did u use in the preview?

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It’s qb-target! I just modified the colours to fit qb-menu’s :smiley:

edit: Oh, and I left the debugging selection on, I keep forgetting its there but i kinda like it lol

i see thanks bud!

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Most of the icons in the invantory have no images

You need to add them to your inventory script, they are all in the images folder on github

Thanks for this man! Ended up converting this to ESX as I couldn’t find a decent mining script. This suits my needs perfectly


you are the man for this thank you so much

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Hey do you have a discord i need help putting the Script in my server because nothing is showing just the item’s

So im having the issue after i mine the rock it says item doesnt exist… what needs to be done?

did you add the items to your shared lua?