[Free] [fork] [standalone] t-notify with font-awesome support


Relatively simple resource, a few people have asked me for it so I figure you’d all like it.

Original resource: [Release] [Standalone] T-Notify - A Simple and Highly-Customizable Notification System

Updated Resource: GitHub - OfficialNoms/t-notify: A FiveM wrapper for the SimpleNotification library. Click the link below for documentation.

This is a fork of Taso’s t-notify with fontawesome support. You can provide an icon variable in the table to use it:

message='You are now off duty.',
icon='fas fa-sign-out-alt', 

You can also provide the icon variable in other alert types if you set custom to true.

Pretty simple, the rest of the resource is mostly the same, but it was a bit of a pain to get this working so I figured I’d share it and make someone else’s life easy.


Looks nice!

Why not just PR it to the original repo? T-Notify is actively maintained still so something like this, if pr’ed appropriately, would likely be approved.

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A pull request has been opened, but that doesn’t solve the problem of people attempting to sell paid notify resources that took them 5 minutes to create after copying a library / someone else’s free resource.

Releasing this in this way gave people the option to not give people like that money and have a decent notify resource they can customise how they like with superior documentation available.

While I agree it’s absurd, but making public ones better really cut down on it and the more you make releases using them; the more people know about them.

This is why I include t-notify and other notification systems in the resources I make. Minimal effort to add this.

I greatly appreciate your contribution to T-Notify as well as the community though; not sure if Taso approved your PR yet