Free EUP help

So my fiveM server has a max of 10 players, and i dont know how to get the free EUP for it. Does anyone know? if you could help, that would be great

You need 8 players max to get clothes streaming for free afaik.

It has been raised to 10.

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how do i do it then?

sv_maxclients 10 in server.cfg

ok, but do you know where i actually get the EUP?
because idk if its the same EUP.

eup is the name of the system. you can get it here [Release] EUP for FiveM (SERVER SIDED)

thank you

i cant download the stream

np (maybe a like? :slight_smile: )

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make sure your browser isnt blocking the popup

how do i make sure its not?

check the top right in the url bar when you click the linkabove

what would it say?

pop up blocked

it doesnt say that