[FREE][ESX] esx_spectate with player checks [RE-RELEASED]

Still not possible to look around with the mouse.
Maybe an idea to set the player a little bit higher than target. They can kill you if the are slapping.?.

Weird i tried and mouse was working flawlessly :thinking: I’ll fix it asap

For me it’s working flowlessly… :thinking: and i set the spectator invincible :slight_smile: forgot about that ahahah

please try release 1.4 and tell me :slight_smile:

Here’s a small update. Rotating the mouse now works fine!

A few more points.

  • In the car the camera is very glitchy.video shows what i mean.
    (possibly intrigue the previous version of the camera so that you can zoom in and out?)
    video shows what i mean.

  • If your player is in a firefight, you will catch some bullets from the person you are spectating.
    possibly spectating under the player?

Thank you very much and good work!

i’ll work on it :smiley: thanks on the update!!

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you’re going to like this!

Wow! Very well! Works well. Is it possible to double the range?

But…you do have a problem now.

  • You can no longer talk to the player when you are in spectate mode.

Did u try it? I actually keep you in the distance attached underground so you should be able to speak to the player

And double the range u mean when zooming out?

Yes doubling the zoom so you get a bigger picture idea what’s going on nearby.

According to the game you are not under the person but you quickly fly very randomly over the map. I show it in a video.

aaaaaah i got it… instead of the offset the game understood to change the position… i’m sorry i’ll fix it in a couple of minutes

It works perfectly! Thank you!

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There is one problem that keeps happening. When you spectate someone you sometimes get stuck in that black screen with that loading bar at the bottom right.

if this happens can you check the F8 console for me for errors? and cmd too

Nothing goes into the console/cmd when it goes wrong.
If a player sits in a car, you are no longer invisible

:scream: i’ll fix it right away!

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