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• Fully configurable
• Low ms / Very good performance
• Easy to Install

lp_carlock is a simple all in one car locking system for fivem. You can lock/unlock and share your key with your friends.

• Price: Free

[FREE] [ESX] LifePeak Scripts | Carlock [Tebex]

  Config = {}
  Config.RequiredKey = 'U'
  Config.PlayerCarArea = 30
  Config.Locale  = 'de'
  Config.EnableJobvehicle = true -- players can open all vehicle with same job.
  Config.Notification = {}
  Config.Notification.System = "none" -- lp_notify / none
  Config.Notification.Postion = "top right" -- Only works lp_notify! | lp_"top right", [top Left, top Right, bottom Left, bottom Right]
  Config.Notification.Displaytime = 1000 -- ms
  Config.AdminGroups = {
    superadmin = true,
    admin = true
  -- You can also give player AcePerms to admincarlockkeys instead


Direct Download:

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500
Requirements ESX
Support No

[ script:lp_carlock] SCRIPT ERROR: @lp_carlock/server.lua:73: attempt to index a nil value (field ‘scalar’)
[ script:lp_carlock] > ref (@lp_carlock/server.lua:73)
[ script:lp_carlock] > (@mysql-async/mysql-async.js:15543)

hmmm … can you help ?

Hey Pilifo_Dark, I implemented a fix for you now you can use the script with an older MySQL version.
Just redownload it from GitLab.
If you have any Questions or Problems fell free to contact us.


ZickZackHD ~ Lifepeak

10q Man ! Love your worck !

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You’re Welcome, fell free to check out our other scripts.