[FREE] AOD_Hunting [ESX] [QBCore]

What is it?:
A hunting resource that allows you to plant bait in specified zones around the map. This can be changed or added to. If the player is far enough away from the bait, there is a chance an animal spawns and makes its way to the bait. The player must shoot the animal with a musket and use their hunting knife to butcher the animal. There is no way configured in this script for you to get the bait, hunting knife or the musket. There is also no pre-configured way to sell the animal meat/skins/tusk that you receive from butchering the animal. This resource require ProgressBars, which can be easily replaced if you do not want to use it, but it will by default use this. If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to open an issue ticket on github. Thanks for taking the time to read my TedTalk, and I hope you enjoy doing some hunting :slight_smile:

Download Link:

German Preview Link:

English Preview Link:


View here

Shoutout to @DevBear and @AMGMACHT for all their assistance along the way for my first release


Any preview?

I’ll try to find someone to make one. Or if anyone is able it would be very helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

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preview would be nice to have

thanks for the cool script it works so far with the a_c_deer
it only works every now and then with the coyote and the wild boar, it’s great.
with the musket you have made a good choice for hunting.

maybe a suggestion for the future:

if you put a bait then a prop spawned there?

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I can look into that suggestion. Thank you for the feedback.

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always my pleasure! nice man

i did a little tutorial about your script i hope it was ok but its in german speak?


bro i love you man XDD thanks for this your are the MAN also a little suggestion how about adding hunting lisence and bt target in this it will more interesting. just a suggestion

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Thank you so much I really appreciate the video. I have someone making an English one, but this will truly expand the overall reach. Much love. @Desifivemadda I will add this to the suggestions on how it can be improved. Thank you for your suggestion.

Pull request opened on github :slight_smile:

You did a great job with this resource, especially with performance. I’ve added some user friendly stuff to your script if you’re interested in merging it. Tried to separate all the changes into different commits so if you didn’t like something you could make a change request etc.

Pull Request

P/R includes:

  • Adds description, author, version, and the dependency (progressBars) to fxmanifest
  • Adds full config file for straightforward editing without touching source code
  • Includes configurable notifications in config
  • Add debug mode (enable/disable in config)
  • Minor formatting cleanup

To do:

  • Move notifications to locale folder to allow for multi-language support
  • Add rewards table to config (remove from server-side code) this way users can add/remove more animals easily along with the rewards for them without editing your server-side code
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I commented on it, does the gun portion handle correctly? It needs to return death cause and I’m concerned in this case it will not. Please let me know if this is or is not the case.

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Yep, I replied :slight_smile:

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this has been PRed thank you for contributing <3

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Sure thing! Thanks for another awesome free resource <3

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The new update is very nice! and is much easier for users to use.

Thanks !

Little question:

Can I do tutorials from your other scripts?


Of course, I have zero issue with that. @DevBear did a real good job of generalizing it for the public. I made it for my old community and wasn’t as considerate. So I’m eternally grateful.


Thanks man !

I’ll get an English subtitle ready for the video!

I hope we see more scripts from you :slight_smile:

i celebrate her!

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@dreamzzy @Mailar links for previews have been updated and posted in the original post, sorry for any delay on this.


I was wondering what if instead of having to use the “huntingknife” when the animal is killed, it shows a DrawText on it saying "[E] remove meat ", and you have to press E. And if you didn’t have a WEAPON_KNIFE for example, you wouldn’t be able to take the meat or the skin.