Force First Person Aim [STANDALONE] [FREE]

Hello everyone,

This is my first selfmade FiveM Resource, that’s actually has a good use.
It automatically sends you to first person view when aiming with specified weapons.

Available Verisons
1.0.2 - Recommended

1.0.1 - You can now edit the weapons in the Config.lua file.

(!) Permissions (!)

  • You are allowed to use it on your server.
  • You are not allowed to edit this script and claim it as yourself.


1.0.2 - Fixed high performance usage

  • Lowered the wait()'s
  • Removed some not-needed stuff

1.0.1 - Little performance change was made (Thanks to @TrymTube & @MasiBall)

  • Removed every ESX-Stuff, since the script isn’t using ESX.
  • Removed the citizen. from every Wait()


Can I use it on my QBCore, ESX server?

  • Yes, this resource is standalone. Meaning you can use it on any FiveM server.

Can I edit the weapons?

  • Of course! Go to the Config.lua and add/remove/change the values inside the “-”. Make sure to leave everything else as it is if you don’t have a plan of what you’re doing!
shared_scripts { 

this is not needed anymore if you use ESX Legacy when you use the import in the fxmanifest.lua
it will give some extra performance

ESX = nil -- Injections ESX
    while ESX == nil do
        TriggerEvent('esx:getSharedObject', function(obj) ESX = obj end)

also the Citizen. now useless you can remove this and makes the code cleaner




You can actually remove the whole ESX thread, as this resource doesn’t use any ESX functions and you don’t need ESX to use this resource.

Citizen. has never been needed since the start, not sure why people are only finding out now.

Thank you really much for helping me out on learning cfxLua.
Appreciate you

you can remove this since its now STANDALONE

change the title from [ESX] to [STANDALONE]

Yeah, my bad. Changed now

Hello, could you contact me by private message please?

you cant freely punch or kick cars ect

Hey, you can change the weapons to switch in first person when aiming in the client.lua

Hope I could help you :slight_smile:

Could you help me edit this to force THIRD camera instead of FIRST?

Thirdperson is default, why would you download this script to make it change absolutely nothing?

I meant something that would block the ability to change the camera and there would only be third

Ahh, you mean so players can’t go in any other perspective but third?


Is there any way of making this a toggle option? Most of the members on my server love this, but my FD guys say with their gear on, they can’t see anything in first person, and some of my LEO would rather be third person. If not, no big deal, just wasn’t sure if that is something that can or has been implemented.

Basically it’s no problem.

But the thing is, if it’s a toggle option the most player would abuse it to have better aim.

I would implement something that would check if a player has something on their head that blocks the vision it would not go into third.

Add me on discord and write your discord name here then I will send you the updated version (So I know who you are cuz I have 70 friend requests)

Link for 1.0.2 doesn’t work.