Fix your vehicles lights lightning fast! - Powershell Script (Change Carcols & Carvariations Insantly!)

Hello everyone!
My biggest issue while working on lights, was having to constantly put in random 6 digit number codes over and over until it worked.

Today I bring you my powershell script that will allow you to change Siren ID’s & ID Values in both “Carcols.Meta & Carvariations.Meta” and save it instantly!

All you have to do is select your Carcols and Carvariations Metas, and then select randomize.
It will automatically place an identical random 6 digit number code in both files and save it for you!

Step 1: Right click and select “Open with powershell”
Step 2: Select your carvariations and carcols metas
Step 3: Select Randomize
Step 4: Restart your vehicles resource and check your lights :slight_smile:

Repeat steps 3 & 4 until the lights are fixed


SirenGenerator(2).ps1 (4.0 KB)


YOO this is life saving I have been looking for something like this forever!!! Thank you


Yo thanks bro this is amazing! Will help out a lot :disguised_face:


Only one problem with this, FiveM has a limit of 255 siren IDs. Check

Any number higher just gets converted back down meaning even when a siren ID is different it can still cause issues.

well i know i have had well over 25 emergency vehicles in my server and all have dif siren id’s so i dont really know what to think of that


i cant seem to get it to open properly, it opens as a notepad file

Right click it and select open with powershell :slight_smile:

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This is simply meant as a fast way to generate ID codes for a vehicle. If you have 255 law enforcement vehicles, I can’t help with that :joy:

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This is the best thing ever! Just fixed one of my cars, works perfectly 10/10!

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Will this work on multi vehicle packs or just on resources with a single vehicle? Also, is there anything in place to keep the tool from reusing the same codes? I downloaded it but as I had to go to work I did not have the time to look at the actual script.

Either way, this tool is an absolute lifesaver! Thank you!

–anybody having issues with this, it’s a tool that you use on your computer before uploading the vehicle resources to your server. THE TOOL IS NOT A FIVEM RESOURCE; it will not run on your server. Download it, right click, choose “run with PowerShell”, select your carcols.meta AND your carvariations.meta files, then click “randomize.”. You can then test the vehicle(s) and see if the light issue is resolved.

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Hello! Glad you are enjoying it!
Currently, there is no way to isolate each vehicle in a meta, so the script changes all of them to the same thing. However, I would recommend you either split the metas, or use it on one at a time.
If they have the same lighting pattern, you could probably use the same code for all of them.

Also, the probability of it using the same code is near zero!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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This is a great fix for police lights, I have been trying to find out how to fix them but you made it super easy. Thanks!