FiveM update - March 26th, 2017

We’ve prodded a new update into production. This one… isn’t very good at all. :snail: Maybe you guys will hate it less.

Summarized changelog

  • Lots of launcher improvements! :rocket:
  • New deployments will have the game installed in a folder next to the .exe. :gear:
  • The folder will have a :snail: icon.
  • Subprocesses all have neat names now like FiveM_ChromeBrowser and FiveM_ROSSubprocess. :name_badge:
  • The game now runs in a Windows job object. This doesn’t look like anything to me. :construction_worker:
  • now runs toolmode itself instead of delegating to FiveM.exe. :floppy_disk:
  • Downloading improvements: combined with CloudFlare caching and optimized cURL code, updates should now download a fair bit faster. :electric_plug:
  • A small bug fix that affected a single person according to

Nothing else was done, nor will be done, probably.


My FiveM is not launching after auto update and none of the icon changed :frowning:

Make sure your AV hasn’t flagged it as malicious. I use BitDefender and had to “allow” it to run after the update because of some injection I assume.

Don’t worry, my fire wall has been disabled, I can logon to my server and everything just fine, thanks for the heads up.

I play on a rp server and when ever we patrol we all lag out and we join again and it lags us out again we tried to restart server but it did not work this update messed the game up

About this this issue? Do you know how to fix this?

Yay! A new update! Nice!