FiveM Showing Public IP

So i just made a FiveM server and added custom cars and everything. This is a home hosted server from my house and was using localhost. But i eventually wanted to make it public so that my friends and anyone else can join. So i made a port forwarding and everything, i looked up my server name in the servers tab and it was there… woot woot. I clicked on my server and boom. I see my public IP address with the port on there. I am thinking to my self i am 100% going to get hacked or booted or something from the trolls of the internet. Is there anyway i can hide it or something besides getting a VPN? I feel like its dumb to see the public IP. Anyway to get around it or hide it?

Well there’s not really a way to hide your ip as people would be connecting to your ip to join the server

True, but do they really have to address it to the whole world?

Well even if they didn’t there would still be ways to find it, if you are concerned about it you could rent a server or something.

Giving out your ip isn’t really a security issue though you won’t get “hacked”

No one can be cautious enough lol😂

If you have an home hosted server it’s normally only for people you know so if you want to have a public server for people to play I recommend you to rent an server which no longer will show your ip

Yeah but for my friends to join I would need to port forward and it will just show up on the servers list. Would a VPN work?

Guess your VPN would have to support port forwarding

if you dont know how too ddoss protect yourself.
Or protect yourself in general.
You shouldnt be running a server.


Why is masking the IP not a option.
I use home hosted too and made a domain that is pointing to my ip.

But if i go to keymaster it says “This is not a valid IP address.”
Sure if they really want your ip and ddos your server it will happen anyway.

But i think masking it behind a domain name, should be a option.

but then you can just look up your domain and get your ip


there is no way around this, its not a security issue.

for reference, lets say your domain is


Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

badabing there you go, IP address looked up.

Something wrong with your keyboard ?
there is no need to CAPS me my friend.

I know how it works. Everybody knows you need a IP thats what the internet is built on.
But DNS points a domain to a IP.

I never said it is impossible to get the IP.

Every website points to a IP but hides behind a domain because it looks fancy and easy to remember.
Most people even prefer typing to connect then

So what i’m trying to say is
Why can i not fill in a domain that points to the IP ?

I know for example that a rust server has now problems with that. People can connect to

I guess you misunderstood me.

The IP field in keymaster does not need to be dynamically updated, nor is the data you enter there displayed to any individual other than yourself or FiveM staff. It’s clearly labeled as initial IP, and is only verified for the first use of a key.

No matter whether or not you enter a domain name manually,

  1. the server list will always use IPs, since there’s no way to recursively validate domain ownership from just getting an IP (and DNS resolution on clients is a bad idea)
  2. direct connecting will always work with an A record (or a SRV record)
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no need? you can still just direct connect using, if your DNS entries are correct there is no difference.

Really sherlock @Blumlaut ?
That still doesn’t change the fact that the IP shows in the server info.

But i had my answer from @cuprum thanks.

cuprums answer was just a nicer way of saying “literally doesnt matter”, and the fact that the IP field in keymaster doesnt accept a domain should be self explainitory :upside_down_face:

Take a example on how you should treat people :wink:

The server sends heartbeats to the serverlist, and if you send a requests to an another computer you always do that with your ip address not your domain

Also the domain would still be connected to your ip address so what would be the point?

this conversation has been going on for so long and so many years i dont see a point in being nice if people still insist on doing soemthing impossible.


Well you might be able to use a reverse proxy but it would still show ur public IPV4 so :confused: