FiveM Showing Public IP

Couldn’t he buy a domain and run it through Cloudflare? It masks your IP.

Only for HTTP, SSH, RDP and Minecraft, not anything else.

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It is possible to customize this message, for whom the IP does not go out?

This is the internet, your IP is PUBLIC, nothing is going to happen if people see it. at most, if someone really hates you for some reason (which i doubt) they’ll waste their mom’s credit cards for a booting service that is stopped by you restarting your router to change your IP.

IP addresses are not private information, news flash every site you go on sees your IP because that’s how the internet works. if you are still paranoid then pay a hosting service to “get ddosed” for you.
EDIT: also sorry had no idea this was a 4 month old post because yugo_lator just bumped it