FiveM server on LocalHost for me and my friends

Hello. I want to make small server on my local pc so my friends can join to it (They are from different internet connection) and test some things I made.
I port forwarded TCP and UDP protocols, added each 2 new rules to firewall and it doesn’t show that “30120” port is opened on my ip in “”.
Can someone help please?
Screenshot 2021-10-08 224237
Screenshot 2021-10-08 224207

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if the port is opened, just create the server on your local machine, add the key, and tell your friends to join.

Also, this is not a Platform suggestion. Moving it to #server-development:server-discussion

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When my friend tries to join to my server it shows him this:

Hello, @Endas

I made a guide on this using a VPN which you can find below in this message. I belive opening your ports is the first step but you would still need to PortForward your router (I could be wrong) If you can’t find/get a solutions the VPN is your best next bet. It has worked countless times for me & friends or crews. If you need more help you can always comment on that post or PM me!

Nicole Heartstone