Favorite police cars to use on FiveM?

What are your favorite cars with links to use? Also does anyone use this without having the lights get all messed up? https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/enhanced-emergency-lighting-reflections-and-coronas

im enjoying the Captian pack realeased on here since i have changed the skins of all of them and edited my visualsettings.dat and the lights look F-ING AMAZING!

Without a question it has to be J.J. Dawkins LSPD Pack: JJ DAWKINS a.k.a. Mr. Kindness #FTW great pack and support with supplemental vehicles. He has always been very responsive to communication and updating whatever we need.

Oh I didn’t think we could use those as they are ELS. And I remember reading ELS didn’t work on FiveM

They kinda work. Since lights are extras I think they some what sync but not too well and if you have a siren control sirens could work. I’m not 100% on any of this.

You can find information on how to get your els working here, then all you need are the client side scripts. Create a pack for your server and offer it on your website. All will be able to have ELS and some of these vehicles have extras. His next pack will have more extras.

Also here is a new link to get you started with ELS for the server:

What setting did you edit to?

If you guys are interested I have an addon variant of JJ Dawkins LSSD sheriff pack it is located here:



Yes these cars are ELS only

No VCFs with them though?