[EXPLAINED] How to make/add a server key

For some reason, people seem to be having issues with making and adding keys to their serbers :mascot:. This super simple process, for some reason, seems to be going over some peoples heads…


  1. Go here: https://keymaster.fivem.net

  2. Click sign in
    step 2

  3. Click on New in the top left corner
    step 3

  4. Fill out the form (DON’T USE ‘localhost’! USE

  5. Copy generated key and paste it inside your server.cfg file (Instructions below)

If you’re confused about the different server types (again, for some reason):


  1. Find your FXServer Folder (self explanatory)

  2. Scroll down till you see: server.cfg and double click on file (where you changed the name of your serber :mascot:)

  3. Near the bottom (or the top, or middle, or the left) find where it says:

# License key for your server (https://keymaster.fivem.net)
sv_licenseKey changeme
  1. Where it says "changeme" copy your server key and paste there. Make sure to keep the quotes (")


BOOM! :boom: Done! :ballot_box_with_check: That was easy, yeah? Hopefully this clears up the whole “people not being able to read and follow instructions” thing. Oh… Wait… :mascot:


Great tutorial for all the people who struggle with the new key system :slight_smile:

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i personally like the key to see for who owns what server if there is an issue.

great tutorial for people :slight_smile:

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Is it really THAT hard xD

I can’t believe you actually had to make this. How difficult do people really find this? xD


I mean, some people just don’t understand lol.


Wait, what do you mean when you say you “see” a server key?

lol I’ve done it all as you see in my screenshots that I posted… still dosent work.

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I agree, it’s a super simple process but I’m having a slight issue regardless of that fact. It’s telling me the IP address I’m putting in isn’t a valid one, any way to fix that or do I have to contact support and have them switch my port?

This does not really fix that problem because most people new to FiveM will just click the link to download server on the main page with most of you will know is this https://wiki.fivem.net/wiki/Running_FXServer, with it’s a link to instructions on how to set up the server, but if you follow the instructions without making assumptions like a new person would do you will realize there are no instructions on this matter, not even a mention on troubleshooting about the error/warning that you get for not setting the key, you only get a hint if you read the server.cfg file. Besides that this was very helpfull to a new person like me.


The console will tell you that you need to add a server key and provide a link to where to do so if one is not set up properly in the server.cfg. That being said, the wiki should be updated to show/say that a key is needed. Though, I do believe the devs are getting rid of the wiki soon? :thinking:

well look like i need a help so it said this server Done not have license key specified please set sv_license console variabie to key from Https://keymaster.fivem.net/ (for example, 'set sv_licensekey "key in the config, or '+set sv_licensekey key on the command line) so what i need

Make sure you’re executing the config…


in IP doesn’t work

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Use instead

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It’s still coming up i do not know what to do from here.

How do you have it in your server.cfg? You’re also making sure to execute the server.cfg file, right?

ok i will fix it let u know if it right way if not where is config com from

It’s not that people don’t know how to follow instructions (well, at least some people), its a case of we follow the instructions, yet it still says that the key is invalid, which is the case for me. i have gone to keymaster.fivem.net and registered a key (twice) and pasted it in server.cfg where you say to, yet it still comes up with invalid key. I still don’t get why we should have to register a key, even if its just for 5 people to mess around on with car/script mods. i understand with bigger public/whitelisted servers like DOJRP and HighSpeed-Gaming, but for little private servers, it doesn’t make sense.

When you start your server, does it show only one resource starting? If so, you’re not executing your server.cfg file.