🛠️ Experienced Developer Looking For A New Community 🛠️

Hello, I’m a 23 year old working full time in the IT industry and looking to spend some of my free-time to assist in development for a community. I have been in the Roleplay community since 2009 and owned and developed large communities in ArmA and Garry’s Mod. I have also experience within FiveM creating scripts, custom UI’s and more. I’m not looking for any compensation or this work I’m just looking for something to do on my spare time.


  • Qualified in the industry with Microsoft and Linux Servers.
  • Experienced with SQL Databases
  • Skilled Coding abilities - Lua, HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, Typescript, .NET, ASP and many more.
  • Experienced Web and Graphics Developer (Minimal 3D Development but can do some work)
  • Previous experience in community management and leading development

Looking for

  • Community that already has a player base due to high turnover of new servers.
  • Community that has direction and that stands out.
  • English speaking community.

Contact Details
Add me in discord if you are interested. Steff#1940 or leave your discord name/link below. I can provide evidence of my abilities.


yo for free?

Yes I offer my services for free.

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Hey there! Your experience is definitely impressive and the fact that you’re offering your services for free is truly admirable. I did want to know, however, are you flexible on one of your look-for’s, specifically a community that already has a player base. I understand your reasoning and completely respect that. Just that I would ask. Thanks.


I am currently building a server and looking for developers who could support me in the work.
We are building a Zombie server with gangs,and lost more The server will give different possibilities.

It you are interested drop me a message
Just to help us to potting it all together wold be a big help

Discord: oMrRhino#4975

All the best

Bumping this. Still looking for a community.

added ya dude

Ok whats your discord because I need your help with my server called devious wrld rp we are esx based and are looking for someone to help bring are dreams to realities

Bumping this once again. I have been inactive last 1-2 weeks due to dealing with some family matters. If you have tried adding me please send me another request.

May be looking for an additional developer in the future.

added nels#002

added on discord for a paid position. lemme know if your interested :slight_smile:

im looking for a developer as well My discord 3sixoh#2025

i have a great staff!

are you still looking for work i am needing a dev asap and i will compensate for help

Added please get back to me need a dev ASAP OG.Cuh#6926

Hi! I sent you a DM. :blush:

Hi SteffMet,

I would love an opportunity to speak with you regarding your skills and what you are looking for. We are Australian based so 100% english and have a vehicle dev who brings 5 years + experience. Our team is mature, with the server management being 30+ and the admin team being all 18+ as well to get rid of the little headaches that come with immaturity.

My discord is NeverLoseSight#1114 - I have added you so if you feel we may be on a similar vision which I believe we are, I look forward to discussing more.

Hope to talk soon.

Thank you.

Sorry If I haven’t responded to you yet, I have just come back from vacation and catching up on emails.

Hey SteffMet,

In regards to your “looking-fors” are you flexible?
Currently in the works of developing a server with a small team so we don’t have a player-base yet.
If you’re at least willing to talk about it, feel free to reach out here or on Discord

Hey you should come check out WonderRP. We are np inspired! We have tons to do clothing, everything that cops would need etc. Theres so much to do on WonderRP. Here is a quick clip of our motels.

I reached out to you in dms… message me if your interested