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Hey, great to see you’re interested in joining a family! You should 100% check out Emergency Response San Andreas if you’re looking to be a developer while having a realistic and fun roleplay experience. Our server is set to launch within August of 2021. We are a smaller community and would love to have you on our team. :smiley:

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Emergency Response: San Andreas | Whitelisted | 15+ | Realism + Fun RP | LAUNCHING SOON - FiveM Server Development / Server Bazaar - Cfx.re Community

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Discord Username : ZerKin#3232
Discord Link : ZerKin's FiveM Development

Bump! Hopefully you guys enjoy what we have created!

Vouch for its a new take to the British side of fivem the scripts are good development team always releasing new content every day. Been playing on the server for a while its great fun and worth checking out.

Bump! We just added Vehicle Boosting today!

Today we have added many features, you can find our changelog below.

+ Vehicle Boosting Contracts come through the Phone
+ New Player owned Dealership
+ New Drug System
+ Cayo Perico Purchasable properties
+ And more!