EUP L&O 9.3.1 and EUP R&S 1.5 for FiveM ! (Public) | FIXED

Hey Guys I saw the Post from @AddressUnknown and converted it into Addon and added EUP R&S 1.5 to it!

Hope you guys like it if you have any Problems just comment them and I try to help you :>

Credits to Creator
Emergency uniforms pack - Law & Order 9.3.1
Emergency uniforms pack - Serve & Rescue 1.5

Downloadlink : EmergencyEUP.rar (Other Site because its to big to Upload here)

1.0 - Release
1.1 - Fixed Pants Credits to her : @yxko



Pictures are clickable for Picture Source !


ready for fivem ?

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Like It says in the Title it was converted by me so yes it is

nice nice.

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Nice Realease!

Do we still need the FiveM Platinum Argument Key?
To stream the Clothes?

I would say Yes. Since its a clothing pack which most likely passes the limit

Anyways thank you for converting it all!

Most of the pants for the Male do not work, any suggestions or fixes? Tried to load only vMenu and this EUP pack and faced the same issue. Most of the other components appear to work properly.

I tried to replicate your Error but on my Server everything work perfectly fine are you UpToDate on your server with the Server Articat you running with ?

If you want to test it just set your Server to 10 Slots and you don’t need a Key to get Clothes to work :>

Everything is fully up to date, running on the newest game build as well. (mpchristmas3)

Really not sure what is the cause. Some of the pants will load, some won’t at all and others only sometimes appear with broken textures and all skin color?

My Server has just 10 Slots …

I mean it worked. In the vMenu i could change my Char to this Clothes.

Do you have a Menu to open all of them?

Just use a clothing script

the best at the moment is fivem-appearance from iLLeniumStudios

Okay, but i mean something like THIS

idk something like this sorry :confused:

Hello yes were working on it it will take a bit

Correction, we tested it with newest everything and the gamebuild 2802 mpchristmas3 Los Santos Drug Wars

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Think some of the pants not showing is due to mismatched _r to _uni. All pants ytds are _uni even though some of the ydds have _r

After looking even some ydds are missed labelled as _r since setting their ytds still doesnt show the pants. I think anyways.

is there an updated link?

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still not showing any of the male or female legs. yal definetly didnt name them properly at all which means they probably dont have the right propmask either.

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if you set your server slot config to less than 10, you can stream for free. (for development purposes)