[ESX] WH-Robberies V2 Safe Cracking Minigame Version 2



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Download: GitHub - WindiestHook381/wh-robberies-v2: Version 2 of the popular FiveM ESX Minigame

Dependencies: Mythic_Notify (The script is configured to this version however could be easily be changed if you know what to do) WH-outlawalert

Description This is version 2 of a script I have made to utilise pd-safe by MrFrk. The idea of it is to replace esxholdup with a more interactive method however doesn’t conflict with anything in it if you want to use both for whatever reason. It enables you to add spots to the map (Three different types, CashRegister, Safe and Vault) each of them have different random rewards (Which can be configured in config), different cooldowns (Which can be conifgured in config) and different amount of ‘pins’ to crack (Which can’t be configured in config but is easy enough to change). This also currently gives you two ways of notifying police with the requires alerts: Straight up name and location or send an alert saying a camera has been triggered (configured for st-cctv but this is not required as it is a script that has to be purchased) which you can choose from. The script conatins 3 stores each with 2 cash registers and a safe in the backroom. The pacific standard vault is also in there by default too.

The minigame is included in the file however I take zero credit for its construction.

It includes:

  • 3 different types of locations to rob with different complexities.
  • Minimum number of police online.
  • Police notifications.
  • Customisable, random rewards for completion.
  • Customisable cooldowns.
  • You can decide whether to notify police or not. ^^All which can be customised differently to Cash Registers, Safes or Vaults^^

VERSION 2 Additions

  • Use a lockpick item to start safe cracking.
  • Police get blips when somewhere is getting robbed,
  • More locations from around the map (Most of the stores)
  • Overall system upgrade

Any other suggestions let me know!

How the Minigame Works

Use A and D to move side to side, W to select current position and S to cancel.

Hopefully this explains it better, I can make a video tutorial if you think it would help and be easier than instructions :slight_smile:


@Danny3 for the outlaw alert. @MrFrk for the safe cracking.

Now onto a brand new, bigger project :stuck_out_tongue:



Thank you!

Is this ESX dependent? Can’t really tell…

It is yes. Just for the players, jobs, money and inventory I believe although if you know what you’re doing it could easily be changed to something else.

This lets multiple players at once crack one safe, is there a fix for this?

That’s something I didn’t think of. I have an idea so I will look into it. Thanks!

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how did you make it work i see the text but when i press z nothing happend and same thing if i use lockpick :confused:

Is the resource named wh-robberies-v2? It has to be named that else it won’t work.

no work sir … i already put name resource start wh_outlawalert
start wh-robberies-v2

In What way doesn’t it work? Any Errors?

How do you change which keys are used to rob the safes etc?

If I remember correctly, there’s an option in the config :slight_smile:

The safe does not come up…

but I get this error

You’re probably just using a different version of Mythic_Notify. Use the one linked in the ReadMe then it should work. Or change the event trigger to the one you’re currently running. (Probably ‘SendAlert’ instead of DoCustomHudText)

Hello when I start to rob the vault/cash reg it doesnt send signal to the police like text but it shows it on the map how do I fix it

Hi ! When i confirm with “W” when i ear the sound, all time the script say: “Cracking Failed” it’s normal ?

Hey was there ever a fix for this? I find it is very common with a lot of scripts that offer a more elaborate way to rob stores. I want to use this but not if more than one player can rob it at the same time…