ESX Washlab - Advanced moneylaundring system


Today I bring you a new kind of money laundring system.

How it works
Player goes into an IPL, where he/she can start a money laundring process (as seen in the video). When first producing process has ended, player needs to cut the money sheets and count them when this process is finished.

If video doesn’t work, click here


  • es_extended (legacy 1.2)
  • progressBars
  • bob74_ipl

Insert the .sql file in your database and move the images in ‘INVENTORYHUD IMAGE’ to your image directory of your inventory script. Drag and drop this resource in your ESX folder and start it using ensure esx_washlab in your server.cfg.

Config options
Config.WaitingTime defines waiting time for progressbars in MS
Config.ProducingTime defines waiting time for producing in seconds
Config.CountingTime defines waiting time for counting in seconds

For support, simply leave a reply on this topic.


anyway to use this without a key?

Nice release ^^

Key isn’t needed with this resource :slight_smile:

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Script looks really nice and definitely adds to rp! Does this accommodate multiple users using the washing though or will it create overlapping

Since it is client-sided at this moment, it could create overlapping. I’m planning to rebuild the whole timer system server-sided to fix this possible issue. Didn’t test it though.


Next update you should have your person load money in to the washers and have it on a timer to wash like the counting and pressing :slight_smile:

There were only 2 issues I found one was I was able to enter the building with out the “washkey”. I looked in the server & client files and did not see anything about the item “washkey”.

The second issue I came across is found in the video link I provided. I loaded $2000 into the machine, and it displayed $2000 being processed. When I loaded another $2000 it should $4000 being processed when in reality it was only 2000. It added them together instead of just display what was currently loaded. I reload it at 2:50 for the second time with only $2000 but it displays $4000 being processed.

is there a way to change the maximum it can wash ?

@RewindNation yes there is, Client>Main>Line 86 & 87.
Change “10000” to the max value you want :slight_smile:

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Need a percentage cut for the amount you put in. You deposit it 10k black then you work and get 10k white. Can we have a %percentage cut?
like u put in 1000$ black then u get 700$ white back?
Need percentage cut added to this! or i dunno its more like a money printing concept! but awesome script can be made into a heist for fake/black money printing etc

xplayer.givemoney(amount / 0.70)…

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I’ll add this as a config option soon.


  • Add config option ‘Config.TakePercentage = true / false’
  • Add config option ‘Config.WashPercentage = 0.x’ for when above is set to true


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buddy your are multiplying it! not dividing!

Ah yes, that’s right, thanks for the correction. It’d be

originalAmount * (configPercentage/100) or originalAmount * 0.configPercentage.

i just changed the / to * and im good XD

Oh shit sorry, changed it :’)

yeah it will be fine as long as you keep the 0 in the config :p. You don’t want to change it to a 70 by accident haha

something wrong with the script bro.