[ESX][Standalone] Battle Royale

-A collective effort from @TritonXVII and @emtheophilos presents

Battle Royale - Multiplayer Event

upcoming video
Final version of 2.0 can be accessed by the public from our test server


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This a true Battle Royale Event experience featuring almost everything this genre needs for a FIVEM implementation!
Playable in three different modes SOLO DUO TRIO and supporting up to 100 teams.
When the event starts squad up with your friends or even solo and take on this last-man-standing challenge when dropping down from the skies of an abandoned Los Santos!


  • Really good performance.
  • Built with routing bucket functionality.
  • 3 Different Modes (Solo/Duo/Trio).
  • Automated Circle Creation inside Los Santos.
  • Automated Circle Stages.
  • Vehicle which transports all the players on a random line.
  • Airdrops crates which contain a various selection of owner’s choice dropping random around the event.
  • Military carriers around the map which players replenish their ammunition and armor.
  • A Kill Leader status announcing a global threat around the event.(not marking them)
  • Placements and performance report at the end of the Event.
  • Ability to spectate your remaining squad members.
  • Players choose their party at the beginning of the Event.
  • Players choose a loadout from a various selection of owner’s choice.
  • Party HUD + party member nametag with distance.
  • Displaying party names, map blips and their HP/ARMOR.
  • Create / Join / Leave / Disband / Kick / Lock.
  • Admins can pause or even cancel the active Event at any time and transfer between routing buckets easily.
  • You also have the ability to tweak some part of the code and customize this experience to your liking.
  • Lifetime support + requests for future features.


  • Warmenu by warxander (included in the script files, don’t need to do anything)
  • Progress Bar by chipsahoy (included in the script files, don’t need to do anything)


  • Heavily modified version of cratedrop script by Vechro

Buy Battle Royale(60€): here


Lovely stuff.

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How long until the video is ready?

Soon, I’m having people working on it.

Very very nice script ! I recommend this ! (And very fast support)

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Considering it but $100 is a lot of coin to drop for a BR. I appreciate the effort that has gone into it though!

how would it work on esx as it would conflict with the death system ?

This is easily handled in the configuration file to support any kind of revive system you have, even if it is a complicated one it will still be compatible as long as you know what to parse or we can parse it for you.

Considering it but $100 is a lot of coin to drop for a BR. I appreciate the effort that has gone into it though!

It’s $67, not $100. Not sure how you got that number man.

Conversion my friend, we live in a global world :slight_smile:

Conversion my friend, we live in a global world :slight_smile:

What conversion is that that converts a price of 60 euros to 100 usd? I’m not bashing on you, just curious.

NZD man… Sheesh

NZD man… Sheesh

Oh okay so 100 NZD then, not USD. I misunderstood because you used the “$” sign.

Yeah sorry about that man, we can’t list it any lower, it’s a 7000 line script with multiple UI’s and backend logic. It’s literally a fully fledged warzone/pubg/call of duty experience with teams, winners, cratedrops, resupply stations etc. It took well over a month to develop. Sixty euros is a very appropriate price for it, which all customers so far agree with as well.

True, I’ll wait for some sort of video preview tbh.

I also was hoping this would have weapon drops around the map like a normal BR but it seems you just pick a weapon and then parachute down? That kinda thing is just going to be snipers 24/7 i’d imagine.

If you want to allow something like that it is possible.

Yeah was looking at doing something similar but for zombies, like dayz type.

I’ll give you a basic idea of how this Battle Royale works, even though players choose a starting loadout they have limited ammo which force them to engage with all game features especial those who are competitive. Mostly, players are encouraged to fight over high quality gear which is locked behind Airdrop Crates that will give them a huge edge in gameplay encounters. If you just want to give players unlimited ammo and best weapons from the start you are welcome to do so, it all comes down on how much allowance and accessibility you give to your players. The script is delivered with the aforementioned encouragement by default, yet you are free to make things wild.

nice job !!

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There has been an awesome quality update on our script and there are owners of the script who hasn’t reached to us yet. Make sure to get the latest file updates from your keymaster! Thank you :slight_smile:

We’re offering free one day trials for this script to anyone who wants to check it out.
Contact us (link in our tebex)!