[ESX] Stand Hot-Dog


This script is based on ESX. This script is intended to make hotdog vendors active in the map!


The player goes to a hotdog stand (Chihuahua Hotdogs) and he has more than to order his HotDog (“E” key)


Only ESX


All hotdog stands “Chihuahua Hotdogs” work
Possibility of adding your own stands (In the config.lua file add the model of the object in “Config.Stand”)


Download the resource on the GitHub
Import into the “resource” file of your server
Import the file “hotdog.sql” into your database
Add “start hotdog” in your server.cfg
Configure if you want the file “config.lua”




Nice work! I will test it when at home

Looks good, haven’t looked at the code yet but is there an english translation?

@JuanCStar Thanks you !

@Mart475 You can edit the translations in the file “locales/fr.lua” ^^

Hi, RU local

Locales['ru'] = {
  ['hotdog_shop_prompt'] 	= 'Нажмите ~INPUT_PICKUP~ чтобы купить ~y~Хотдог~s~.',
  ['bought']             	= 'Вы купили ~b~Хотдог~s~.~o~',
  ['not_enough']   			= 'Вам ~r~не хватает денег~s~',
  ['max_item']           	= 'У вас нет места.',
  ['command_in_progress'] 	= 'Ваш ~y~хотдог~s~ в процессе ~r~готовки~s~.',
  ['used_hotdog']			= 'Вы съели ~b~Хотдог'

Hi ! I add your translation in the script ! Thanks you :slight_smile:


anyone have a burger version of this or the burger stand prop name?


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thank you very much!

Who knows how to add the fruitstand?

“prop_fruitstand_b_nite”, “cs1_09_props_fruitstand_lod”, “prop_fruit_stand_01”, “prop_fruit_stand_02”, “prop_fruit_stand_03”

These are all not working for it. I mean: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/CE1dMqAboY4/maxresdefault.jpg

Rather than using all of them you are better off just using the fruit baskets. Otherwise they will all there own stand.

In the config file. Then you have to change the hot dogs to fruit.

Config.Stand  		= {“prop_fruitstand_b_nite”, “cs1_09_props_fruitstand_lod”, 
                       “prop_fruit_stand_01”, “prop_fruit_stand_02”, 

Since people are asking here is a hamburger version
Ill post it here rather than bothering with asking for release as I didnt do much.

hamburger.zip (4.8 KB)


I found an error in your script

Do you have his update?

did you add the sql?

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Yes, it was working perfect regrets stopped working


Line 14:

 if qtty < limit then

Hello, did you add the item “hot dog” in your database ?

of course :slight_smile:

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How to fix unknown colum name