ESX SimpleGarages - Advanced lightweight garage system

How might I have it so every garage shows your cars location i.e. like the impound and police impound already do, but for every garage so if a player checks garage A it will show all vehicles and the garage name they are in?

@ Rostus Check to make sure your SQL is setup properly.

Really cool script, well done.

I just have a small issue, I’ve parked 3 of my vehicles in different garages. Not a single one worked, when I try to retrieve it in the menu it says “car depot” . I click it, then it says that it’s not parked, should be in impound. I went to the impound but there it says that I don’t have any impounded cars.

I’m using esx v1final. Hopefully there’s a fix.

Does anyone here have a solution to save the vehicle damage in the garage?

Hello guys, i really want to use this garage because its perfect!
We have 1 problem with parking out our vehicles.
After parking in an car, in database stored is correctly set to “1” and “garage” table too.
But when i want to park out my car, he says its in “Car depot” but there is nothing.

I think the problem is in this little code, but i cant see the issue.
Anyone can help me out, so i can get this garage working?

openGarageMenu = function(garage)
    local elements = {}

    ESX.TriggerServerCallback("esx_simplegarages:callback:GetUserVehicles", function(myCars)
        for k, v in pairs(myCars) do
            local aheadVehName = GetDisplayNameFromVehicleModel(v.vehicle.model)
            local vehicleName = GetLabelText(aheadVehName)
            local labelvehicle
            local labelvehicle2 = ('%s (%s) - '):format(vehicleName, v.plate)
            local labelvehicle3 = ('%s (%s) - '):format(vehicleName, v.plate)
            if v.stored == 1 then
                labelvehicle = labelvehicle2 .. ('<span style="color:#2ecc71;">%s</span>'):format('In garage')
            elseif v.stored == 2 then
                labelvehicle = labelvehicle2 .. ('<span style="color:#c0392b;">%s</span>'):format('Impounded')
                labelvehicle = labelvehicle2 .. ('<span style="color:#e67e22;">%s</span>'):format('Car depot')

            table.insert(elements, {label = labelvehicle, value = v})

        ESX.UI.Menu.Open('default', GetCurrentResourceName(), 'spawn_owned_car', {
			title = garage,
			align = left,
			elements = elements
		}, function(data, menu)
			if data.current.value == nil then
				if data.current.value.stored == 1 then
					spawnVehicle(data.current.value.vehicle, data.current.value.fuel, data.current.value.engine, data.current.value.plate)
					ESX.ShowNotification("This vehicle isn't parked, its probably in the impound.")
		end, function(data, menu)
    end, garage)

How to add a check if the park out point is blocked?

Did you manage to fix this? Im having the same issue… Just says my vehicles are at Car Depot, but thats not the case :frowning:

For some reason the server can’t start the resource, any ideas?

has anyone seen the issue when you leave the server the garage marker to pull your car out is no longer there? if i restart the script the marker shows again but everytime someone leaves and joins back the marker isnt there.

I had a similar issue which i managed to figure out, mine was due to the client.lua line 75

if == 'police' then

changed it to

if ESX.PlayerData.job == 'police' then

hopefully this helps you

how can i make that if they pay x money they got the vehicle on the garage that they wish?