[ESX][RELEASE][PAID] Gang Laptop

Gangs laptop made by Erfan


Features :smile: :

  • Optimized script [ 0.01ms ~ 0.03ms ],
  • Player must use laptop item to open the laptop,

  • progress bar for more comfortable,


  • Easy to set up [ we can install on your server ],
  • Script is synchronized with other gangs and police

When player buy gun from tablet the notification will send to all police and other gangs so the buyer and his/her gang must be careful.
2021-07-21 (7)

  • Random car and heli delivery,

When you buy gun sometimes perhaps package delivered with helicopter or armored car

  • Easy to config,
  • Open source,
  • No IP-Lock,
  • Discord log,

If player use tablet, log sent to discord and admin can check the gangs
2021-07-21 (9)

  • You can easily edit item in laptop [ add more or remove ]
  • You can easily edit script [ we can help you ]

Looks cool, thanks for the contribution to the community. :heart:

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OMG VIDEO PLEASE! :slight_smile:

cant even get it on tebex as its asking for discord ID and its 100 characters minimum lol

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sorry for that,
fixed now

where do i download file

yooooooo i havent got the download still

did you ever get your download?

the script is very useful and clean. good luck

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thanks :handshake:

Also discord in topic, did you even read the rules before posting?

Yea I did

Last version is out :

  • Job whitelist added
  • Fixed the problem of full screen whiteness