[ESX] [RELEASE] nos_clothes (Change clothes in clotheshops)

Hey everyone, I’m here with a basic but useful script, I hope you enjoy it :smiley:



es_extended V1 FINAL and all of it’s dependencies.

What it does:
You can change/remove clothes basically in all clothe shops. You can add more on config!

Video: Video (Sorry about the FPS drops, I didn’t set OBS correctly and had my screen share on :confused:)
GitHub: GitHub

@Pained_Psyche for his marker.
(I don’t know who should I tag for esx_property) for some of its codes.


Good job keep up bro


Do you use cui_character ? because i use it and the menu looks same like you have but after i change clothes I don’t get the popup to save the clothes…

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Yes. It’s a modified version of cui_character. Since most esx users use esx_clotheshop, they will see the “save clothes” on esx_clotheshop as well.

Just noticed there were some leftover codes, sorry about it. Updated ^^

Oh so what I should edit to make it work with cui_character?

I believe you can get help about it on:

cui_character works without any problems but there is no outfit save feature yet. So that’s why I wanted yours. But ok then I can’t use your resource now.

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Hello, I am using your script. When I change the clothes and check in, I don’t have the menu to save, normal? I use cui_character.

If you want to use it with cui_character you need to do some edits on cui_character.

Thank you for your answer, is it possible to know which ones? Because I don’t know at all.

Really nice script! Thank you!

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Hey guys, how do i use this with cui_character ?