[ESX - QBCore - Standalone] Event Christmas | (Can be changed) [KOX-Core]

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It allows you to define at certain positions an object (here a Christmas tree that can be changed) as well as earnings “attached” to it.

The first goal is to be considered as a Christmas event but it can be modified via the configuration to become any other.


It can run under ESX/QBCore or Standalone.

For the backup, we have implemented a SQL or JSON method.

Compatible SQL APIs are : mysql-async & oxmysql

Code is accessible No (only config and standalone file)
Subscription-based No
Requirements N/A
Lines (approximately) 700 (only for LUA files are encrypted)
Support Yes

great release bro! I’ll be buying this soon

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Thank you! Enjoy yourself ahah, don’t hesitate if you need help with this one :wink: