[ESX/QBCORE] [PAID] AP SCRIPTS - DOJ/COURT SYSTEM | National Bar Association System

Thank you for your kind feedback guys :heart:

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Government script release is expected this Friday for both QBCore and ESX.

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this is a great script the guy that made it is really helpful and keep adding new thing to it if you looking for a script like this this is the one to buy

Here is the link to my new script! [ESX/QBCORE] [PAID] AP SCRIPTS - TAX/VOTING SYSTEM/MAYOR JOB

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After the government script update I’ll be doing some updates to the court script :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you are looking for a DoJ, court, or lawyer system in general - this is the one you want. All of the features are well thought out and give an amazing experience for all parties involved (criminal, government employee, jury member, lawyer, judge, etc.).

And the new AP-Government script ties right into this system, with both you get a one-stop setup for your city’s government/department of justice.

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Absolutely love this script!

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I’m about to drop the update for drawtext but not 3dtext are you ok with drawtext ?

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ESX Changes:

○ Added support for AP Government.

○ Added drawtext support, so you don’t have too use 3rd eye.

QBCore Changes:

○ Added support for AP Government.

ESX Files Updated: Client/target.lua & Server/main.lua & Config.lua & fxmanifest.lua.

QBCore Files Updated: Server/main.lua & Config.lua & fxmanifest.lua.

10/10 Script and 10/10 Support can’t wait to see what you come up with next

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Thanks buddy!

Update coming soon!

Quick Question. We are about to roll this out. But if a Bar Member is revoked. How can they be allowed to resit the exam or enabled to rejoin the Bar Association? The Bar Association just tells them to seek assistance from somewhere else.

So if there completely removed from the bar then then they can’t join the bar again, if they failed there first exam then all they need to do is get a judge to use his menu to all the denied member to retake the exam.

There will be an update soon too the court system which will include Futher integration from the mayor to submit a court submission for failed busines tax and for a integrated police menu for court submission. There is more but will announce that sooner to the time :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to change this or a way to fix this. We were testing the script before adding it. So test bar removals were done. So ideally need to be undone before going live.

You can clear the ap_bar table in your database and you should be all good.

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could you please tell me how to install these files? I can not get them to work.

Sure, I’ve just sent you a message with links to the docs and a link for quicker support :slight_smile:

New update notes will be posted on Wednesday.