🚪 [ESX/QBCore] Doors Creator - Easily create doors in-game

Hello, are you referring to this? Export for door state

Yes. It doesn’t seem like it’s built in to the script natively, it’s something that has to be edited and added, it would be nice if it was an option already built in.

I don’t know what you are talking about, the export works perfectly fine if you know how to code

Suggestion to update documentation for police alerts. Page says to place in sv_integrations. Should be in cl_integrations. Add in code for disabling default police alerts.

– Disables the default police alert
RegisterNetEvent(“doors_creator:framework:ready”, function()

RegisterNetEvent(“doors_creator:alertedPolice”, function(coords, message)
– Do something

Hello, no that’s not correct, the page currently (and always did) say cl_integrations.lua

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In fact, that’s 100% correct. That’s the server side event in the server category. In the client category, there is the client event, which is triggered in a different way

Note how the disable alert is never mentioned in that page, meanwhile in the client category it is, and it’s also saying where to place it