[ESX/QB] References System (Increase your player count)

(a few things look bad in the trailer, watch the video for the full view <3)


Increase your player count through this Menu

Allows your players to invite their friends and gives rewards in return

made with responsive and modern design

You cannot bug your own code by creating a new character, rockstar id is used and the menu appears once

Everything can be edited with detailed config

QB and ESX compatible with after-sales support provided

Code is accessible 2 version avaible
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +1000
Requirements esx or qb
Support Yes/No

Open Source
Other Scripts


Nice release!

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Suggestion: Add key-binding option. I already added this since I bought the open source version. I used the RegisterKeyMapping native and did the necessary edits to make it work. Great release though man!

Edit: are you able to assist in resizing the UI to be smaller, so it looks like it’s being viewed in a tablet?
This is the border type I’d like to use but I wasn’t able to easily change the size of the UI like I usually do with my other resources. :slight_smile:
border-radius: 15px; border: 5px groove #c9c9c9;

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Really thanks for your suggestion, in an update I plan to bring the button to access the menu (now it opens by command)

to do tablet sizing in ui, create a ticket in Debux and I will try to help you during the day

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is there a system to stop 2 players making the same code name and have you tried to see what happen if 2 players add the code and click enter at same time

this is close to impossible, it will throw 6 random digits in default (can be increased from config) the probability of this happening is %0.0001

Okay, my bad. I was thinking that they would make a code, and I was asking what would happen if two players press enter at the same time with the same code. It’s because people will try anything to exploit/break a script.

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ESX.RegisterCommand('refcreate', 'user', function(xPlayer, args, showError)

	local refPrefix = 'REF-'
	local refInt = tostring(os.time())
	local refCode = refPrefix .. refInt
	local refCodeCheck = MySQL.prepare.await('SELECT * FROM ref_system WHERE identifier = ?', {xPlayer.identifier})

	if refCodeCheck then

		print('Du hast bereits ein Ref Code: ' .. refCodeCheck.ref_code)


	MySQL.insert.await('INSERT INTO ref_system (identifier, ref_code, redeem_count) VALUES (?, ?, ?)', {xPlayer.identifier, refCode, 0})
	print('Ref Code erfolgreich erstellt: ' .. refCode)
end, false)


-It now works in a cleaner and simpler way
-unnecessary logs removed.

VERY NICE RELEASE :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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nice mice

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Can it be used with other languages?

Hello, of course it can be adapted to all languages

It worked! thanks!

Thank you for your preference


thanks <3

Is this also for qb ?

hello of course sir