[DISCOUNT][ESX / QB] Weed System (Grow your own Weed!)

We are here with one of the best systems with Weed Enhancement on Fivem!

-Weed team can grow them live live instantly
-Weed grows and develops completely according to your care
-Responsive ve modern UI
-Can you track the situation with instant logs
-Multiple seeds can be planted in a row and weed can be developed, you can set how many weeds can be grown at the same time with config
-Harvesting processes are according to the size of the weed, how many times the size of the leaf is set in the config.
-How much effect the food given to the weed will have can be adjusted with the config (example 1 water fills 10% water bar)
-Blips can be disabled and multiple fields can be added.
-How fast the plant grows is set by configuration
-Highly optimized operation (idle 0.01ms)

Code is accessible 2 version avaible
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +1000
Requirements esx or qb
Support Yes

Open Source

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ohh very good script am buy noww

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+rep nice ui nice job

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One of the best weed scripts out there but is there anyway to add coca plants?

thanks the configuration includes props and items and can be updated as cocaine

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