[ESX/QB/OX/STANDALONE] LB Phone - Advanced & performance friendly phone

Not a single person apart from you have requested it.

I have seen many, but whatever.

sure… joined from a day :rofl:

Is this script compatible with multicharacter

Yes, the phone works with multicharacter scripts. Both ESX and qb-core works out of the box (txAdmin recipes), if you use a custom framework you will have to edit the functions so that they match.

Why do you have the same number on all your characters?

You do not have the same number if you use up-to-date scripts. If all characters have the same number, that means you have not set it up for your multicharacter system. We can not help you with that, ask your dev / the creator of your multicharacter script to help you.

Do you know if the phone is compatible with KASHacters Multi Character

Yes, but you have to add it in kashacters

How do i do that

In the server.lua, Ask KASH for support.

I can’t se a server.lua i the files


Friend buy this to us

  • Transfered it to my owner server friend
  • My friend come on discord to claim role
  • Transaction Id already claimed ?!
  • Claim Breze to check this situation
  • Breze banned me for 24h

Are you saying that Breze is trafficking children? Good luck with your phone!

We have not said that the bug has been patched. I have told you that it is a low-priority bug, and we prioritize game-breaking bugs, such as the memory leak that got fixed in the latest update.

You get banned if you don’t follow the rules, such as raiding our server. If you follow the rules (creating a bug report, not spamming support / general), you will not get banned.

You are supposed to create bug reports, not open tickets. Your friends got banned because all of you sent the same message.

“Essential” is debatable. Only you and your friends have requested it. I have also explained to you that it is a useless feature that will only use server resources without any reason. Instagram live is actually useful for roleplaying scenarios, as you can RP as an influencer and see what your friends and enemies are up to.

the phone of :clown_face: