[ESX/QB/OX/STANDALONE] LB Phone - Advanced & performance friendly phone

LB Phone

YouTube showcase: LB Phone - FiveM

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An advanced phone that works with ESX, QBCore, ox_core and on standalone servers / custom frameworks
Me and @Breze have been working on this phone since June this year, and are proud to finally present it to the public. It has a lot of unique features and highly advanced apps, with a clean and realistic UI.

The resource is encrypted using FiveM’s escrow system, but a few files are editable. You can edit the voice functions (so you can implement your own voice system) and all framework specific files, including the client & server side lua code of the home, garage and wallet apps. You can also edit the code used to check if you have a specific phone, to implement another script than ox_inventory for unique phones. You are not able to edit any of the UI code.

The phone was built with performance in mind. Progressive scrolling is used to ensure that the phone does not send a lot of data at a time.

Performance on a server with 140+ players:

  • Client side:
    • 0.01ms when idle
    • 0.03ms when open. Note that the phone may use more depending on what you are doing, but it will not cause lag.
  • Server side: 0.07ms


  • Unique phones (requires ox_inventory for ESX & standalone. Most inventories on qb-core are supported). Each phone is connected to the phone item, meaning you can steal phones and all data will remain on that specific item. See 6m 39s into the video.
  • Good performance
  • Instagram live
  • Video calls (facetime)
  • Quick share contacts (airdrop)
  • Speaker, if enabled while in a phone call, nearby players will hear the call. Requires mumble based voice script.
  • 24 fps video recording, also records your voice
  • Discord or Imgur api for photo & video hosting
  • Logs
  • And a lot more!

Supported voice scripts
The phone has support for the most popular scripts, but if you use a custom one you can edit the code.

  • pma-voice
  • mumble-voip
  • 2 TeamSpeak based voice systems, please use pma-voice instead.

The following photos are in-game screenshots of the phone put on a 3d render of a phone.

  • Settings - Configure the phone to your liking.
  • Contacts - Add your friends, share your contact or call companies.
  • Phone calls - Call your friends. Voice or video call.
  • Message - Send a message to your friend, or create a group
  • Camera - Send a message to your friend, or create a group
  • Photos - Browse all your photos & videos.
  • Clock - Set alarms, timers and take time with the stopwatch function.
  • Notes - Write down your thoughts, shopping lists or most important notes.
  • Garage (requires framework) - View all your cars, see where they are & summon it.
  • Home (requires loaf_housing, although you can edit it) - View all your houses, remove / give keys and unlock your door.
  • Maps & calculator - Share your location with your friends.
  • Weather - Keep yourself updated on the current weather.
  • App store - Download apps.
  • Instagram - Share photos and videos, watch your friends live videos.
  • Twitter - Like, retweet, reply & dm.
  • Tinder - Meet new friends online by swiping.
  • Marketplace - Sell your old crap.
  • Yellow pages - Advertise your business.

Purchase here:

Website: https://lbphone.com/
Documentation: https://docs.lbphone.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpGUug2zuVCc8IEzZiPPH8Q

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based Yes & No
Lines (approximately) 27 100
Requirements loaf_lib, oxmysql / mysql-async
Support Yes

By far the best looking phone. Well done!


Amazing work Loaf! This is guaranteed to serve as a fierce competitor to the leading paid phones on the market!


if you ask yourself: “should i buy it?”
short answer: yes

you will not regret it!


does that work with :salt: Chat?

yes it does!

are there more apps coming soon? something like spotify?

Yes, we have plans to add more apps. We are constantly updating the phone, and we are currently working on TikTok, Music and BeReal.

great job! looks good and the best: walking with the phone :slight_smile:

i have some questions:

is it possible to deactivate apps such as Instagram (e.g. I don’t need two social media apps such as Twitter and Instagram in a game and would deactivate one in advance so that you can’t download it), rename and design it if you eg. no origianl twitter would like and you can also add “new” apps for e.g. an external dispatch system? Easily implemented: With e.g. a separate icon and if you click on it, the menu opens with the export from the dispatch system…

Does the phone have a “BossMenu App”?
Is it also possible to install an on/off-duty system here with/without a multi-job system?

is it possible to make the “home” “unlock” button a little biger?
our current phone is about the same size and many really complain that sometimes it is a real fumbling to press this stupid button with the mouse

Yes, you can deactivate apps by editing the config.json file. More information on how will be posted on the docs later.

Not exactly sure what you mean, but no, you can not redesign apps. You can change the name & the logo.

You can not add apps yourself, and we have no plans on creating a dispatch app.

No, but it is a good idea. We will add it later.

We have no plans on creating an on/off duty app.

No, you can not make it bigger. But it is quite generous on where you press (you can press outside of the actual button), so you should not have any issues with not being able to press it.

“You can not add apps yourself, and we have no plans on creating a dispatch app.”

I meant by that:
add your own icon that you can click on. then it opens, i’ll just take a dispatch system from another creator as an example, this dispatch system.

→ Own icon on the screen.
→ function when you click on this icon: export(open.othermenu).
→ another menu opens.

Similarly if you simply insert a new point in a NativeMenu that opens another menu so that you can eg. no need to remember chat commands. or you have to create another menu so that you can return to the dispatch system but: open your cell phone. dispatch icon clicked. dispatch system opens.
or simple simple → own icon on screen… click the icon and dpemotes menü opens.

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Oh, we can add that!

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A monthly phone bill for a metaverse phone lol nice design tho

Hi, is it possible to create your own apps in the future? I have created a few apps for the phone I am currently using and wish to continue using them if we move to LB phone.

loaf back in business, good to see you again

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can be great a update for quasar inventory.

Looks awesome. Does it have a flashlight???

Yes, synced flashlight between players, and implemented in the camera, so you can use the flash while taking images & videos.

Update 1.0.1 is out!

  • Implemented custom notifications, can now be triggered by a export: exports["lb-phone"]:SendNotification , check the docs for more info.


  • Improved camera movement when in selfie camera.
  • You can now move your character in Video, Instagram Live & Facetime by moving your mouse around.
  • Made the player more visible in the selfie camera while in video mode.
  • Fixed a bug where your player would run uncontrollably when being in the selfie mode in Facetime or Instagram Live.

Custom Apps

  • Added support for custom apps through exports. Note that they are not able to use UI.
  • To add apps, edit Config.CustomApps. More info can be found at the docs



  • Added the phone prop in the config.lua , as well as the Rotation & Offset.


  • The documentation website has been updated.


  • Fixed an error where it would throw a error in ox_inventory even though Config.Unique was set to false.
  • Resolved a bug where you would have to restart after getting a phone item when Config.Unique was disabled.
  • Corrected the formatting of the timestamp in the Marketplace app.

An export to set a new phonenumber would be great like

exports["lb-phone"]:setPhoneNumber(src, newNumber)
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