[ESX & QB] GTA 6 INSPIRED NPC Interactions [PAID]


This script lets players have an interesting and realistic interaction with NPCs based on a GTA VI inspired Interaction Menu.
Examples of what you can do: Rob NPCs, Restrain them, Threaten their life by having a dialogue with them, Loot dead bodies and more…


:link: Link to the video ( in case it doesn’t work )




Download now for €19.99 Only


This product includes AN Interaction Menu

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based Yes
Lines (approximately) ~ 1500
Requirements ESX or QBCore
Support Yes via dc

How can you be inspired for a game that isn’t out and hasn’t even had a trailer drop

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Have you been living under a rock?
Dozens of videos from GTA VI early development gameplay have been leaked

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this is incredible, very nice inspiration from them, i feel this is very much like what we will be seeing in the game, so nice release!:100: will be saving this for our upcoming server.

Amazing work again!

I’m really glad that you liked it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

great looking script! Was wondering what the name of the inventory script was?

It’s a custom inventory that I made for my ESX server.

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could i add items to get from robbery because everytime i try it never works.

You can, show me your config


+ Added a feature to blacklist certain peds from the interaction system.

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Hello my vehicle fly after use pnj/npc :confused:

I couldn’t notice the vehicle flying in your video after watching it for two times? Please refer me to the timestamp.

At the end

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I hope you have fixed your problem after we sent you the fix on Dc :slight_smile: