[ESX][PAID-RELEASE] Hobo's Development: "Advanced Jail"

Hey everyone, today I present to you my Jail Script!
I have worked extremely hard on this and put much thought into it! It has an absolute ton of features that you must see!

Do You Have A Video?
Yes, I do indeed! I have the video right here, the video is a bit long but that just proves the number of features that this has!

DISCLAIMER: I did not make this prison mlo and do not sell it! If you would like to think about buying this mlo, this is the link to his youtube! Link: UncleJust - YouTube

How Is This Compared To Others?
This script for one has lots more features than the other jail scripts but not only that offers tons of potential RP for your city! Now don’t stray away because you own a 100k or Die! This script is built to work for every server no matter the RP level in the city!

Is This System Smart And Checks Itself?
Why yes it does! It is smart when giving players cells to make sure they don’t clump up! It also checks when players join, leave, and the script restarts!

What Maps Does This Support?
If you truly do not feel like buying the prison I have currently have there are other options! This script works with any map just some maps have premade configs to save you time! Maps that have current configs setup;

  1. Uncle Just Prison MLO
  2. Patoche Mapping Prison
  3. Sanhje Mapping Prison

If you would like to get a config made for your prison just read how to in readme, if not just message me!

Does It Have Discord Logs?
Why of course it does! It has some of the newest and most detailed logs made by me! It logs almost everything in the script and can be configured on what’s logged in the server file!


  • Processing Into Jail Cutscene
  • Jail Tour Guide
  • Smart Cell Checking System
  • Jobs That Remove Time Off Sentence And Allow Players To Steal Items For Crafting
  • Showers For RP Purposes
  • Working Out For RP Purposes
  • Built-In Hospital
  • Food Court So No One Dies Hungry
  • Jail Escaping
  • “Old Man” Ped That Crafts All Items And Teaches How To Break Out
  • Beautiful Discord Logs
  • Police and Admin Jail Menu With Tons Of Features
  • Each Player Has Hidden Inventory Under Bed
  • Police Can Search Beds For Items
  • Solitary For Punishments
  • Jailing, UnJailing, Adding Time, Removing Time, Sending To Solitary, Removing From Solitary, Lockdown Mode, Message All Inmates
  • Compatible With Multiple Notification Sytems
  • Fully Customizable With Configs
  • Area To Show Server Name And Brand Your Server

Where Can I Purchase This?
You can currently purchase this on my website but if you would like the direct link to the package it is here ($20)!

Why Does It Cost So Much?
This script took me almost 2 months of writing and testing! It has over 4000 lines of code in just the client so I spent tons of time on this! It is worth the price as you get free updates and there will be more updates to come!

This Script Was Made By Hobo’s Development And Is Only Sold By Hobo’s Development


Maybe remove the FREE-Release from the title since its not free?

so free release but paid? makes sense

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how hard would it be to use a different map? Then one of the 3 you listed?

My apologies, it was late at night for me when I made this, it’s fixed now!

My apologies, it was late at night for me when I made this, it’s fixed now! Sorry for the confusion

Its pretty easy, just involves grabbing coords and turning on and off things that apply to that prison. For example turning off showers if it does not have any. I also do make more configs so if you were to ask for a config added for that map I also will do that!

Ou now I’m very interested


plans for QB?

Maybe in the future, haven’t looked into QB just yet


I can convert. Is it open for me to do that?

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if your able to do this I would buy the script

does it have any jobs or activities that players can do to take time off?

Yes its all open source, you just obviously can’t resell or repost this as qb. :slight_smile:

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Yes if you watch in the video it has multiple jobs that players can do! If they complete all the tasks it removes a certain amount of time!

oh no. I would never do that. My conversions are only for myself. Ty

This script is fire. As usual with HD.

Of course!