[ESX][PAID] Fishing


This script allows you to fish on the pier and sell it. Everything in the script can be changed easily in the config file.


  • You can only fish on the side facing the sea.
  • There is a chance that you catch fish.
  • There is a period of time for you to catch fish. If you don’t catch fish in that period, the fish will swim away.
  • If you want, the person may need to buy fishing rod before fishing.
  • There is no certain time for the fish to come to the fishing line, it comes in a random time between the minimum and maximum time.
  • With random fishing time and catching time, hotkey is blocked by the script.

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Config Example

Config.locale = "en"
Config.fishMoney = 20 -- Fish Money
Config.minFishTime = 6000 -- Minimum Fishing Time
Config.maxFishTime = 12000 -- Maximum Fishing Time
Config.catchTime = 3000 -- Catch Time
Config.fishProbability = 80 -- Probability of success ex(60%)
Config.stopFishingCommand = 'stopfishing' -- Stop Fishing Command
Config.fishItem = 'fish' -- Fish item name
Config.fishingKey = 18 -- Fishing key
Config.fishingRodEnabled = true -- If this is true, you need a fishingrod for fishing
Config.fishingRodItem = 'fishingrod' -- Fishing rod item name



Not encrypted

This resource will come with the source code, we expect you to support our work and not leak or resell the code.


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Do i have to press a button to take the FishingRod, also is it supporting esx 1.2(final)