[ESX][PAID] Eclipse Phone

Hey. Our community bought this phone.
Phone looks great but it feels like “beta version”
we as community are happy to help with feedbacks etc to make this phone better


  • Good looking
  • Cool apps Love calculator and Emergency apps
  • Easy to use for players
  • Is fast and responsive


  • is written in C # needs to be compiled instead could make it more configuarble and costumer friendly to set up we spent days with douglas to get it ok working because compiling is … .
  • bleeter"Twitter" No Notifications when tagging a player like: @Birdy1131 for example. Sorting is going wrong direction.
  • There is no Server event for taxi.
  • Cannot send sms when player is offline.
  • Customer service takes to long! Better customer service.

Wishes to add in next update:

  • Easier to configuarte the phone
  • I wish they had ticket system in support discord and maybe a suggestion box on discord,
  • Missing Garage app and Bank app.
  • would be cool to add like “Tinder app” :smiley:
  • Take picture from phone that directly uploads to server for use in yellow pages or bleeter.
  • There is no sounds maybe ringing sound notifications sms etc
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Thank you for your feedback. We try to help people quickly, but unfortunately we are not always able to do so. About c#, we chose it because it is a powerful language and we were familiar with it before we met fivem. Some limitations are related to the limitations of esx (e.g. writing offline messages). As for that, we are developing our mods also for our server, so we will add a lot of new stuff in the future.

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Also needs an app for mechanics so we can call or send them a text with GPS. No phone has that yet.
Also, you need to state whether it is for esx 1.1 , 1.2 or Legacy. Anything created for 1.1 will not work with 1.2 or legacy and this is problem with a lot of websites there not telling us was framework version. So when buy it we find it its not compatible and support can be very bad on some. So please any other developer reading this please make it clear. And we don’t want scripts you buy and have to add the rest yourself. Its like buying a new car and then you find out you have to add the wheels and engine yourself to make it work. Then your told oh we do not give refunds cos it work as it should. only to find its incompatible.

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Thank you for your feedback. Our phone works on all versions of ESX. Also, very soon we will be posting a new version of the phone with several new features, including a mechanics app.

New features 07.11.21:

  • Improved performance and optimization
  • Redesign Taxi app
  • New Mechanic app
  • New Fleeca bank app
  • Added phone selection in settings (You can add your own, knowing only css and html)
  • Available IPhone 12, IPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.
  • Added ability to change profile picture
  • When using Samsung, the design changes to Android: icons, app sizes, bottom menus.

New Taxi app:

  • The user can call a cab to his position, and a destination call is also available.
  • A list of all calls is available to the cab driver.
  • Cab drivers can take and cancel calls.
  • Cab drivers see customer data, their location, their desired route, the distance of the route, the distance to the customer.
  • Also shows the area of the city where the customer is and the area of the destination.

New Mechanic app:

  • Players can call a mechanic to their position and add a message.
  • A call list is available to mechanics.
  • Mechanics can accept and cancel calls.
  • Mechanics see the client’s position, the distance to them, their message.

New Fleeca bank app:

  • The ability to see the balance of the phone.
  • The ability to transfer money to another person by phone number.

Why is it coded in DLL? Can’t even see which bottom I have to press to see the phone, waste of 60€

All of the source code is in the /source folder. If you need help with configuration, contact our technical support, they will tell you how to change anything.

I have this same problem, do you know how to solve it?

Got this phone and having a few issues.

  1. Phone number and names arent syncing with db. In city the phone doesnt show any contact info.
  2. When using the contact info in db, It allows you to call them and but when the other person tries to answer, it still shows calling that person on the caller’s phone. and no voice coming thru.
  3. When messaging someone, You can send a message to someone fine, but when they reply, you never get the reply message back.

If anyone has any info on fixing these issues, please feel free to reach out.
Thank You!

Hi there,

How to install the phone ? I bought it and have two folders here




And where can I find the setting for Voice? (switch to Salty