[ESX][PAID] Eclipse Phone

I had one of their developers help me and we still can’t make this phone work in my server so. but who know maybe is different for you.

Setting up PMA voice on gcphone is simple. Change the 2 “mumble-voip” exports to “pma-voice” thats all you have to do.

I did and everything works but the voice. so when people call me and I answer the call I can’t hear them talking and they can’t hear me either. so when you have it set up what do you disable to make it work? or what kind of voice chat do you guys use Vmenu voice chat? because that is what I’m using to communicate in game.

So I have just purchased this phone script and its not generating me a phone number its given me this persons name , I can’t choose my own profile photo for some reason or change the backgrounds

and other parts are still in russian it appears

Its not very user friendly at this stage , can’t delete messages from phone, and randomly gives profile photos of a male character when creating a contact.\



I have this problem too. And there is a problem with the youtube app. background doesn’t rotate according to phone.

Interested in this phone but with nothing but call and text NO OTHER APPs and a Nokia skin

Write to douglas, we’ll send you a solution to the problem.

Hi, I want to ask if you can walk with this phone or you have to stand still?

Anyone know what voice chat scrip works with this phone and what you guys recommend

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Yes, you can via button `

Anyone know how to configure to use different voice scripts (one im using is ■■■■■■■■) Just want it to work with that voice script?

tok-o voip

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The unique problem for me here is that he doesn’t have the bank application, besides that this is awesome

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i get this error, can anyone help. its with zap hosting. when trying to bring in the sql

its just the database its trying to use. Change that to your zap one which is probably something like ZAP99999-1

So remove " CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS plumeesx_86bbe6 /*!40100 DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 */" and put this in below but change the ZAP1234567-1 to your database.
USE ZAP1234567-1;

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So I fixed the data base issue. But now the phone won’t open on the screen in game but the cursor pops up. Not sure why was there anything in the source folder that came with the download that was oppose to be added.

We are running esx_taxijob but the Call Taxi button on the phone does not send a notification to any taxi drivers and says “Unfortunately all the cars are busy. Try again later.”

You should add velvet to this resource. This would make this phone even mor amazing.

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Is there a Taxi script that you do support with this phone? Thanks

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