[ESX, PAID] Character Creator [flap_character_creation]

flap_character_creation by Flap Development

  • Features

    • server side config
    • easy configuration
    • clean and simple NUI
    • free to edit ( no obfuscation or IP lock )
    • included skin and identity creator
    • original character creator
    • each player has their own position to create a character
    • and much more
  • price

    • 12e + taxes

cz preview - YouTube
en preview - YouTube


flap_character_creation | tebex)
Flap Development | tebex

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It looks great. Simple and clear menu for creating character.

(Dobrá práca, chlape. Len tak ďalej. :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Good i buy this script but need really more information !!

we need esx_skin ? skinchanger ?? esx_identity ??

Readme you give line to put at line 38 or other…

Give a exemple of portion of script can be cool !!

Forgot lot of information for be helpfull…

You need skinchanger. This is a replacement for esx_skin and esx_identity

Does this having clothing store integration?

no, that’s a separate script

Is this compatible with ESX Legacy?


it’s working on esx

Does anyone know if this is compatible with codesign multicharacter script?

Im using MF-Multichar and esx_skin / skinchanger / esx_identity. Will this character creation work with these without overhauling systems?

youll prob have to change something

This script has a problem, its works without esx_identity and now we have problems with the phone, status, etc because this all works together with esx identity.

yes you are right, I will implement esx_identity as soon as possible

how can the script be translated? I want to put it in Spanish, thanks ^^

have any eta?

any way to buy it? tebex server doesn’t work

how did the character creater know that you wanted to create a male character since the option to choose male or female was last?

I have the problem when I select the tabs on the right side, the cam drives over the meeting point at some point and I can no longer see my character.