[ESX] MSK Handcuffs - Realistic Handcuffs

i did and not working

You didn’t do what it is described in the Readme.md!!
Read it again and look at the image.

Update v1.4

  • Added Discord Logs

Re-download msk_handcuffs at your keymaster

Update v1.5

  • Added new Config Option for whitelist or blacklist method
  • Added new default Controls
  • Added new client export for getIsHardcuffed
  • Added new server exports
  • Updated Support for ESX Legacy
  • You can now exit the vehicle if you are handcuffed

Re-download msk_handcuffs at your keymaster

Update v1.6

  • Updated ESX getSharedObject
  • oxmysql is necessary for this Update!
  • No database.sql needed anymore. Items will be inserted automatically

Re-download msk_handcuffs at your keymaster

Update v1.7

  • Added Voice Support

Re-download msk_handcuffs at your keymaster

I didn’t understand the description of Readme.md. I’m trying to use it with esx_policejob, I have added three lines of code to client main.lua in policejob according to the picture, what should I do next? Or can you post a video of how this plugin works with esx_policejob?

That what you have to add to the policejob is only that you can drag the player if the player is handcuffed

Can you explain in more detail how to use this script with policejob or can you post a tutorial video to youtube

Read the description and the readme.md then you know everything.

Update v1.8

Update v1.8.2

  • Updated all exports [read the Documentation]

Re-download msk_handcuffs at your keymaster

With the latest Update I added som enew things. Please read the Documentation there is all you need :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help

Hello, I found two problems
I can use hand cuff again on the cuffed person
The cuffed person will no longer be able to talk on voip

and i got this repotr,what should I do?

It’s not a bug it’s a feature that cuffed players can’t talk at the radio anymore but you can deactivate it in your config.

The second error is because you edited the VersionChecker Part. Re-download it from Github.

Can you add a handcuff prop?

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I can look for that

I’m using pma-voice, Config.Voice can only adjust the radio, but I can’t talk to the players around me

You have to add the Hotkey for that into the Config.
Add in inside Config.Handcuffed = function() as described.

dont buy this scripts. they are buggy as fxxk