[ESX] MSK Handcuffs - Realistic Handcuffs

If you claim something, you must also provide evidence. Our script works as it should.

Hi super script my one ears and handcuffs can’t talk how can i do?

Add the Hotkey to the config or change Config.Method to blacklist

In the cuff player, when the cuff animation is executed, the cuffed player can move around freely.can you change an animation for the cuff player like this?

Hey is there a qbcore version :)?

No, and not planned

fixed now

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Update v2.0.0

MSK Handcuffs - Documentation

Changed files: all files must be replaced

  • Completely reworked the code (Better performance)
  • No SQL will be needed anymore, all saved in database.json
  • New Documentation! Please look at it, old Events and Exports won’t work
  • Added new Animations
  • Added Props for Handcuffs for Cuff and Keys for Uncuff
  • Added Ankletracker were specific jobs can track a players position
  • Added Headbag were the player gets a headbag and the screen will be black
  • Added much more, you will find out…
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