[ESX] MoneyWash

Do they log off? If they log off it won’t give them the money. When I get time I will work on that.

Yes. That is what happens. They put it to wash, leave and come back when it should be done.

Other than that… seriously love the script.

Per spot is my preference.

why when out of the area can’t fail?

If you are meaning why it doesn’t cancel that’s because I didn’t design it that way.

Hey I think I found a bug. Tested it on my server with 3 players.
My taxRate is set to 50% and time for 5 minutes

When 1st player put to wash 1000
Then 2nd 3000
and 3rd 5000

When the time is up for 1st player, he got back 2500
2nd one also got 2500 so it’s the 3rd one.

It’s looks like when few players are washing the money in the same time, it’s only taking the total amount of the last player that used the script.

Does anybody else had that issue or it’s only me ?

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Hi, really cool resource! Can I ask you where did you get the UI for ESX?