ESX Mobile Meth - Mobile meth production


Didn’t see any kind of script like this released yet, so I thought I’d create one for you guys.
Script is pretty basic at this time, but I’ll add some more features in the near future - read the to-do’s for more information.

Player goes to a location (which is configurable in the config file) where he/she knocks on the door and confirms the action (when a defined amount of cops is connected). When confirmed, player gets warped into a car (journey, which is also changeable). Player can start producing methbags when the engine is turned off. The amount of methbags the player gets is randomized between 2 and 5. You can change this on line 26 in server/main.lua.

To make this a little bit more fun, there’s a chance that PD will get a notification of a strange camper parked somewhere. -> PD notification is standalone and you don’t need any other script to make it work.

Video demonstration

If video doesn’t work, click here


  • es_extended (legacy 1.2)
  • LegacyFuel*

LegacyFuel is not really a dependency, added the export function for LF in this script because I use it myself on my local istance. You can simply change this to yours by changing client/main.lua:140.

Installation and configuration
Insert the .sql file in your database and move the images in ‘INVENTORYHUD IMAGE’ to your image directory of your inventory script. Drag and drop this resource in your ESX folder and start it using ensure esx_mobilemeth in your server.cfg.


  • Add a smoketrail when producing
  • Add config option defining which vehicle should get spawned to produce
  • Add config option to disable/enable the possibility to produce with the defined vehicle without getting it from the ‘warehouse’. Ex. player finds journey somewhere in Paleto and starts farming with that one instead of going to the door.
  • Add config option to define the amount of methbags the player gets when producing.

For support, simply reply to this topic.

Have a nice day,


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Well, looks like there is one after all. Then there’s two now I guess :sweat_smile:

keep it up with the drugs scripts ma men

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Sure thing! Releasing a money washing system really soon too, with the same key based system as the other one. If you have any other suggestions, shoot it :slight_smile:

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There is something that was on my mind for drugs can I D.M you ?

Yeah, definitely. Hit me up :smiley:

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You should optimize your threads man. Adjust the waits in each one so it’s not constantly running every ms

Could you be a little bit more specific about which thread? Because most of them only trigger when you’re in the vehicle / if you are in range.

If it was a standalone script or vrp it would be awesome!

So when you get the option for yes or no. hitting e will spawn a RV,

but you can spam it. is there a way to force it to spawn just one?

I’ll look into it. Implementing a check if there is a vehicle standing on the spawning point will do it.
Push will be ready in about 5 minutes.

thanks, a ton, I noticed it said it would warp the player to the RV , dont know if it helps but its currently not doing that, It was kinda funny, i was spamming the “e” key and was hearing something, then I look over my should to see the pile of RVs heheheh you made my day!

OK i removed that bit of code at line 140 about the fuel and it teleported me into the RV

Then this was getting caused because you’re not using LegacyFuel :slight_smile: if it can’t complete the export, you won’t get teleported into the RV.

I’m updating the script as we speak, keep an eye on the Git

yep i just removed that line. we do use legacyfuel but i turned it off about a month ago, because people wanted to use choppers and planes and I could not figure out how to blacklist them from using fuel ( easier than trying to set up gas pumps that would be in safe locations for them.) just had a brain storm LOL not related to what your working on. sometimes you have to type things out

No problem :smiley: update is pushed to Github with a check if the spawnpoint is clear.

Ill give ya an update later tonight, server really needs a restart, I added back Legacy Fuel back to the server but there are people on the server right now. Thanks for the quick replys and updates

well im making progress today. spawning/teleport and everything is working great( added legacyfuel back in the server) the problem im running into now is its not actually making the drugs, I stop the engine and start production but I never get anything. I even went in and changed it to my meth “meth_pooch” and that did not do anything. Is there supposed to be a progress bar or something? does the meth automaticly enter your inventory?. I must be missing a step or something

Item should be added in your inventory automatically after about 10 seconds. Check your console for any errors