[ESX] Job for admins - go on duty as an admin

So i quickly made a job that you can assing to your admins. The script comes with addon admins and owner car, clothes and working F6 menu! Made this because my admins where constanly on patrol as an police what Made it possible to start a Heist. I’m using this script now and the problem is gone. Admins on patrol. More space by the police :grin:


  1. Download the newest version from my google drive.
  2. Drag and drop the folder esx_admins, admincars & adminpeds in your recource folder
  3. import esx_admin.sql into your database
  4. add in your server.cfg the following:
    - start esx_admins
    - start admincars
    - start adminpeds
  5. Restart your server en enjoy!

Made the files so you only have to drag and drop to instal the cars en peds.
Fixed the boss menu
Added new ghostadmin car

Big shoutout to my modder osisogames for the cars!
used this ped: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/fivem-new-red-admin-blue-staff-ped-v1-0
and used esx_firejob as base for the script which is an edit of the esx-policejob [Release] [ESX] [Police Job]

link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-JED8T7ur_OZ_JNQvLPXx5L0b7Z4jV4I?usp=sharing


Nice cool script.

I personally think admins and owners should be playing as a civ or police instead of driving around in highlighted vehicles saying they are admins and owners.

I think it breaks rp and is kind of an brag. BUT i think you still did do a nice job!


Can you show inside of F6 Menu?

Will upload a pic tomorow :kissing_heart:

But you van search, cuff, drag, put in drag out of vehicle fine revive and place Some stuff i think :thinking:

Yeah i agree but sometimes the rp is so bad or you have to fix Some shit. And then its Nice to have this script :grin:

this is a cool fix for people that dont want to be police, but are admins. Awesome idea man. thx

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kind of


Seems more like it’s small edits from the police script which ofcourse the firejob is based on. Can’t see any credits to the official scripter of the esx scripts.

I think it’s a real RP breaker. Since everyone is more carefull when an admin is around. It breaks people’s character because you are restricting their play area. But I guess some people really need more “admin” stuff to show that they are around, so some people will love this.

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i finally managed to get the clothing to appear however the owner vehicle and the admin vehicle dont spawn
how do i get this to work?

First instal the cars as addon in your server using the name of the files. Then you can use them. If its nog working i Will reupload the files including the cars with different files

How do i install it as a addon? I added the skinchanger and esx_skin to allow the uniform to show but i still haven’t managed to do the cars folder. could you possible give a more indepth tutorial or explination as alot of other do which makes it easier to know where to put things. as they are people individual scripts or remakes & edits people might have them layed out differently . Thank you

use my newest release

Hi. I have a problem. No textura in the house. Why? :slight_smile:
Thanks for asnswer.Hi.

try installing this: [RELEASE] v2: Fix holes in the map (up to After Hours) and let me know

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20190507202919_1 20190507202909_1 20190507202914_1 20190507202917_1
there u go

Looking good man,
Good luck.

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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Can i have a link to your newest release please ? as i downloaded the one above