[ESX] imports dealership Updated With working server.lua

spawn it on your self. go to boss action and add it

When I go to the import dealership I don’t see any marker not sure why

I dissabled some things and now it shows

How to make this dealership just for mechanics?

hi all firstly great script but im getting graphic issues as soon as i go in and buy a car once i come out al the roads and buildings dissapear any idea??


im getting SCRIP ERROR: @esx_imports/client/main.lua:373: attempt to index a nil value (local ‘firstVehicleData’)
callback (@esx_menu_default/client/main.lua:36

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What else do I have to adjust so that the vehicle is displayed in my garage?

sorry guys i have been away from fivem for some time making my own standalone game

i am back doing some mods so i will work over all your problems soon

Hi mate. You here to reply? I have added this as a second dealership. But now the cars purchased from simeons dealership won’t save in the garages. You know whats causing this problem? Thanks

hi mate, I will defo check this issue soon. I am still really busy making my own game but will have a test server up in a few days

Ok then. Thanks for getting back to me.

is this script still running smoothly my g im big in jdm n got a lot of custom jdm cars on my rp server n this looks tidy so will be adding it to Chilled Vibes RP Community 110%

Yes. Just make sure to put the proper server main.lua in that someone posted a bit further up the forum. It works fine for me.

New update pushed with the new github now has the right server.lua in out the box also changed the sell back to 95%, really small update but i am working on some other scripts right now but i am working on my own IP so i have little time


Great!! Thanks for your share! :slight_smile:
How can I make the script to actually use dirty money instead of my cash?
Thanks again!

hey, dude, you would need to edit the script to allow for dirty money to be used, I might do an update for it but not got a lot of time right now.

Can you sell custom cars

yes dude just add them to the DB