[ESX] Fleeca Bank Heists

You have to change ‘weight’ to ‘limit’

Anyone figure out the issue where you start the bank heist, your character does the keypad animation and then nothing happens and you are stuck in place?

Tried having my files inside just resources and inside the ESX folder as well. Changed the times to make it where there is no delay for the police to get there and still just stuck in place.

what item do u need?

Hello, I’ve been having some problems, when I start hacking the door doesn’t open. Do you know why?

same here we have done what we can to sort it out but seems like only police can open the door
but then the the heists dont start even if u put the card in what can cuse the small problem to trun in toa big one

@DayDexB @blookding556

this is probably the fix for your error, if not then it’s possibly progressBars

“SendAlert” to “DoHudText” can be other way around depending on your mythic_notify version


Could not open resource metadata file __resource.lua i need help

Doors dont open because the config is set to the vault door being the same as the inside door.


Now on another note…

Most of the banks do not let you get all 3 carts. After 1 the text for the other carts flash for a split second and then disappear then the Vault door starts to close (30secs) only the one on Del Perro seems to let me get all 3 carts. Any suggestions on a fix?

Where are players supposed to get the malicious card from? Got everything going otherwise. Thanks.

I dont have animation, progbar, timer and cash props

could a hacking process be added for opening the gate?

yes, idont have animation for hacking

The doors dont open. Fix this please… Dont abandon this resource

nice share