[ESX] Fleeca Bank Heists

Works only for ESX.
With this script you will be able to rob every Fleeca Bank on the map. Different players can rob different banks at the same time and each bank has its own cooldown. Everything you need to know is in README file.

You can do whatever you want with this.

Video: https://youtu.be/92kEXiBzrPQ

Github: https://github.com/utkuali/Fleeca-Bank-Heists


wtf dude i bought this for 30$ from modit store which have been uploaded for sale. that guy scam people…report


It’s UTK right


Look’s like someone didnt checked FiveM’s ToS ._.

If you guys have an issue with this post, feel free to flag it and talk about it there. No need to fill up his comments section with rubbish.


^ yep if you have an issue with the post report it.

Edit: If you look at his other scripts + the username from that certain place you’d know it was made by him. OP is just sharing it.

SCRIPT ERROR: citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:924: No such export SendAlert in resource mythic_notify.

I have mythic_notify in my resources folder.

Change SendAlert to DoHudText

You have an outdated mythic notify. (No, you don’t need to change it from send alert. Just download the repository below.)

Use: https://github.com/FlawwsX/mythic_notify

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You shouldn’t be buying scripts in the first place. So it’s not his problem if he turns around and releases it


Feel free to flag it.

imo selling resources should be allowed. if guys who literaly put 0 effort in making scripts and resources overall and just download them, put them in their server, edit a bit, translate it and say “We ArE gReAt SeRvEr WiTh UnIqUe StUfF” are allowed to profit if they use tebex then resource makers who put lot of effort into making them should be allowed too.
fivem devs do coding stuff too and they earn so i dont see problem with resource makers making some bucks.


and then you can sell but remember its illegal.
Ah btw make a great protection before selling cuz utk’s one is not good.

work for esx 2 or esx 1?

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OMGGGG That means you cant sell stuff it doesnt mean you cant put a script for FREE that gets you money smh

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question is why are you buying scripts in the first place :rofl: … you calling it a scam because you paid for it then it got public released … karma for buying stuff from modit in the first place :rofl: :rofl:


The moral of the story. Don’t buy scripts. Learn to code and make your own. Now you wasted $30 bucks. Get fucked.

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what progress bar do you use?

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Hello thank you for the scripts I have this error

SCRIPT ERROR: citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:924: No such export SendAlert in resource mythic_notify.

And I have the latest version of : https://github.com/FlawwsX/mythic_notify

I don’t understand where the problem comes from :frowning:


Change all the SendAlert to DoHudText in client.lua

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