[ESX - ENG/DE] myProperties - with Key management, doorbell signs, property wallet, storage and wardrobe (PAID)


a garage script is still planned, but the developement has not yet started.
A limit for items in the storage isn’t there right now.

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Hi Luiiis,
I’ve bought this plugin and am using the version of NativeUi from the readme but I’m getting this error when I press E to open the menu.


this error only occurs when the wrong version of NativeUI is started. Please check whether there isn’t another NativeUi somewhere in your resources folder

Thanks for your reply,
Yeah I checked and can’t find another version of NativeUI there.
I followed the link in the readme but just to confirm its NativeUI Lua version 2.1.0 ?
If so that’s the version I have so hoping you could help.

Edit: Ok I fixed the issue.
You need to download the master archive rather than the one from releases on the Github.
Maybe add this to the readme?

Two things: I bought this and love it. But, can we have more houses please? Maybe some more out in the county as well as Beverly Hills / inner city Los Santos. And can we have garages? Or do we have to add those ourselves?

is this for ESX 2.0 or esx legacy? im so confused, is legacy old and 2.0 is what everyone uses now?