[ESX - ENG/DE] myProperties - with Key management, doorbell signs, property wallet, storage and wardrobe (PAID)

The Realestateagent job is included in the main files and you can simply give yourself the job and then you can access the job menus and so on.

Be sure you installed my modified esx_addoninventory and esx_datastore, as described in the readme file ,:wink:


basically this script doesn’t use that much ESX Stuff, so when there are the same events for QBus as for ESX, there shouldn’t be any problem converting the script

Is it possible to give new players a “starter” property where they spawn after creating their character?

There is no default option for this included, but basically you could trigger a myProperties event from another script to do this.

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Can I be added to this? Purchased this morning. :wink:

How much properties it has?

There are two packs available: One with 30+ and one with 280+.
But you can add as many as you want

Is it available for qbcore and oxmysql database?


at the Moment it isn’t available for QBCore, sorry

Hello, insane script btw.

1 question… When a person buys a house they must reconnect to use storage and that it shows it’s their house etc…

Is it possible to create so the database somehow refreshes and the person won’t need to reconnect?


unfortunately this isn’t possible as long as we use esx_datastore and addoninventory.
When we’re planning a big update, we’d also include those functions into the properties database.

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